Top 3 Places to Party in Muscat

Top 3 Places to Party in Muscat

Top 3 Places to Party in Muscat

The capital city of Oman, Muscat is loaded with attractions and natural wonders. If you are even a little bit intrigued by history or just adore nature, you will love this city!

Muscat's nightlife tends to appear more like a picnic, with a bunch of friends and kebabs on the plate, but there is more to it! Muscat boasts various entertainment opportunities to meet the taste of visitors from far and wide. Energy pours back into Muscat's bones, as the sun goes down! There are many bars and clubs to see here. But apart from nightclubs and bars, you also find some other options such as opera houses and venues where you can enjoy some live performances and also markets in Muscat count as a great option. Check out the best areas to party in Muscat:

1. Al Qurum

The district Al Qurum is the best-known suburb of the city and is the heart and soul of modern Muscat. Boasting plenty of attractions of the city, Al Qurum is a tourist district. But one of the many things this district is famous for is its nightlife. With numerous hotels, restaurants, bars, clubs, and operas, Al Qurum is sure the one to enjoy the nightlife in Muscat. One of the places is the Habana Sports Bar. Set inside The Hyatt in Muscat, this is the best place to enjoy your evening. Located on the ground floor, the bar features comfortable and cozy seating with two large pool tables. With a 5 star ambiance, the place is worth a visit! Various sports events are screened live here throughout the week. Highlights are the famous finger foods and champagne that the bar offers. In the very same area is another place called the Left Bank. This bar looks like more of an airport lounge than a wine house. With a modern décor, well complemented with fresh and healthy delectable cocktails, the place is great. You can also watch the sun set from the terrace of the bar. And if you are looking for a club in this district, then head to the Trader's Vic's. With a Polynesian inspired bar and a dance floor, the place is hip for all those looking to enjoy some moves on music. Apart from bars and clubs, the district is also home to some operas as well. So if you prefer to head to a live music space, you can choose this place called Royal Opera House. The Opera House offers world-class programmes of classical orchestras, jazz stars, and Arabian musicians. The house opened in 2011 and till now remains one of the best places to go for theatre and dance!

2. Al Bashair Street

The street Al Bashair lies in the Maidan Sultan Qaboos area of Muscat. This street is also one of the areas that are lit after the sun goes down. One of the places to hit in this street is the Kargeen Café. Fairy lights twist through trees and smoke from the sheesha coils are the decorations here. This is one of the most loved restaurants in Muscat and inside its grounds, you will find families bustling in the dining rooms, men in courtyards and fashionistas draped in heels and handbags in hidden alcoves. The food here is amazing and is sure a way to start of a night in Muscat. Another place is the Pavo Real, one that offers tequila-fueled dancing at weekends. While it's a Mexican restaurant, there are dance parties on Thursdays as well as live bands and karaoke throughout the week. The place should surely be on the list of night crawlers.

3. Muttrah

The Muttrah district is also a great option to explore Muscat's nightlife. Serving a laid back nightlife, there are not many bars and clubs in the area but you will find a lot of other options. One of the things that you shouldn't miss in this district is the Al Bustan Hotel. His Majesty, Sultan Qaboos is a classical music enthusiast hosting concerts frequently at the hotel. You can indulge in a sophisticated piano and violin music that is often performed there. Also, some of the main features of the city are the numerous bright markets. The heart of the city is the Muttrah Souk where you can find the highest quality goods including clothes and jewelry. In Muttrah, nightlife is just like a picnic!

Nightlife in Muscat is quite varied, ranging from hardcore debauchery to partying in silence!

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