Top 3 Places to Party in Mumbai

Top 3 Places to Party in Mumbai

Top 3 Places to Party in Mumbai

Mumbai, the largest city in India, is filled with aspiring youngsters coming to the city with the hope of making it big someday. Thanks to such a vast youth influx, the city has become an inevitable place for partying. Although, the laws have become a bit stringent over the past few years, but it isn’t that tough a grind to locate a party place to serve you past midnight.

So while you are in Mayanagri and have no plans to retire for the night, hit the top 3 places to party in Mumbai. The places tend to get jam-packed at night and Mumbai being the huge city it is, can lead to one getting lost. So read the following guide to know the city better:

1. Colaba

Colaba is definitely the party hub of the entire Bombay and gets lit at night just like stars have come down. Also the most touristy one, it is in fact the best place to interact with other travellers. The main street is lined up with many clubs and bars serving good quality alcohol and food that tickles the taste buds. Popular hanging out places include the Irish House, Havana Café and Bar and The Local. The Irish House has the reputation of serving the best draught beers and a typical Irish watering hole setting.

2. Lower Parel

Located in South Bombay, Lower Parel is the epicenter of night clubs in Mumbai. The crowds are mostly young who hit the dance floor all night and come to the scene to mingle with new people. The theme of the nightclubs is mostly EDM with all the high heels and well groomed dudes hitting the floor in full swag. The Barking Deer Brewpub and Restaurant serves a fusion of Asian and Western cuisine such as Shepherd’s Pie and Lamb Stew. If you seek a laid back setting with good music, but slow enough to let you talk to your mates, then this one’s perfect. Then there is Verbena that stands out from the rest for hosting Sufi nights and other Live jam sessions.

3. Bandra

Bandra is not just limited to shopping malls and fancy shops, it has a commendable night scene to let you have the best after hours time. Many people grab a beer and walk barefooted at the beach with cold sea waves kissing the tip of the toes. The Hawaiian Shack is a bar built in the form of a boat with its Margarita Pizza stealing the show. Drop is also a cosy party place but can be a little heavy on the pocket if not paid attention to.

It is better for the ladies to get in discotheques with a group, as sometimes the crowd can get rowdy after having a drink. Guys should prefer having a girl companion along as it can get them subsidized entry or even a free entry at some places.

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