Best Places to Party in Moscow

Best Places to Party in Moscow

Best Places to Party in Moscow

When you think of the capital of the world's largest country on the planet, you’d probable have something majestic and impressive in your head. This indeed is true; Moscow can be witnessed as a totally insane one, with abundant raw and chaotic energy. This place actually has a paradoxical personality as uncomfortable and charming, filthy rich and desperately poor, fast-paced and lethargic, trendy and kitschy- all together. In this chaos what you actually get to witness is one of the best nightlife experiences in the entirety of the world.

Here check out some of the most happening and lively neighbourhoods that one cannot afford to miss during the visit to Moscow. These top 3 places to party house maximum action of the capital city:

1. Yakimanka

Playing the part of Moscow's evergreen lungs, Yakimanka is a collection of prime beaches fringing the splendid Moscow River. This is one neighbourhood in Moscow that oozes gallons of energy during the day and night alike. The days are occupied by museums with the hippest contemporary art while the nights are spent dancing away in the wide variety of nightclubs and bars. Some of the most famous clubs include Gipsy, 8 Oz, Icon, Rolling Stone Bar, Garazh and Punch &Judy Pub. Yakimanka is place that demands to be explored, so take out time before heading out.

2. Zamoskvorechye

Traversing through time, embracing the contemporary life with style and grace is the essence of the neighbourhood Zamoskvorechye. The area is replete to the brim with buildings showcasing a modern twist of 20th century architecture as they push themselves into the 21st century. And with such an amazing infrastructure, it is hard to guess that Zamoskvorechye has one of the largest varieties in local pubs and taverns giving people an insight into the local flavour of the place. Some of the most famous nightspots in the area include Eddy's House, Black Cods, Usual Suspects, Esse and MeatLess.

3. Arbat

The centre of attraction in Moscow is thieved by Arbat, holding the interest of tourists- both local and international. Though generally renowned for its peace and calmness, one should not presume the paucity of nightlife in this district in Moscow. The epicentre of several restaurants, Bars and Clubs, Arbat might just be claimed as the most viable choice to spend night in Moscow. Whether you demand peace in your night or seek some rock ‘n’ roll before retiring for the day, this area has something for everyone. Some of the best rated clubs in the area include Coyote Ugly Bar, Mecure Arbat Moscow Lobby Bar, Hookah Projects, Metelitsa, MosKalyan, Match Point, Biblioteka Shisha Lounge and The Shamrock Pub.

A night out in Moscow is all you need to revamp your vacation from a boring, touristy one to a swanky, wanderlust kind of sojourn. So set your itinerary and Hail Russia!