Best Places to Party in Montreal

Best Places to Party in Montreal

Best Places to Party in Montreal

A gorgeous melding of 18th century structures and a 21st century skyline, the multifaceted city of Montreal doesn’t cease to fascinate its visitors with its old-world charm and Contempo vibe! Perched on a tiny islet along the Saint Lawrence River, this Canadian city is equal parts authentic and cosmopolitan. Being the cultural capital of Canada makes it a melting pot of all sorts art and festivity, coupled with a tag of the national linguistic-cultural face! Any why not? With such an infinite number of museums, art centres, festivals and cultural events, Culture becomes the middle name of Montreal. Unwind the ancient cobbled streets, splurge out in the bustling marketplaces, explore the historic cathedrals and grab a cappuccino from one of those iconic French cafes at Boulevard St. Laurent, Montreal is all psyched up to set your vacay on fire!

Even with food, the city never ceases to amaze you. Gastronomy is always experimented upon in the many Michelin star restaurants here. And how can we talk about all the endowments of this city and not bring the insane nightlife to limelight! The city exhibits some truly amazing options to indulge in debauchery and party all night! And Montreal being a student hub pulls in the most vibrant crowd too! So, to be able to taste the sundowners, check out the top 3 places to party in Montreal:

1. The Village

Montreal’s perky LGBT neighbourhood, The Village is for all those who don’t mind experimenting with nightlife. During the summers, when Saint Catherine gets completely pedestrianized, the whole area turns into a huge dancefloor! Les Boules Roses pretty pink balls) get strung across the streets, when the neighbourhood takes up its debauchery face on with the delightful drunkards singing across the boulevard. Begin your night with a Caesar Salad at Saloon, followed by a pool of Sangria at the rooftop of Sky. For the tapping toes, there is Bar Apollon, while the cabaret lovers can head on to Mado. Other options like Unity and Stereo are ideal for some after-party fun!

2. Crescent Street

The English face of Montreal, this neighbourhood in Montreal exhibits maximum casual London-styled pubs and a glorious invitation to sin! Frat boys and bachelorette parties buzzing the whole area, Crescent Street pulls in a major chunk of youth crowd of Montreal. Almost every nightspot here has a patio overlooking the street. And with the terrace occupied by the real diners, the hardcore revellers are stuck inside the bar area. Thursday’s is the most popular spot here, a multi-purpose bar and lounge coupled with a rather cheesy dance club downstairs. Churchill’s is another one rated high on social calendar, catering largely to the middle-aged professionals. Other famed options include Brutopia and Hurley’s. And after all this, when you are truly tired and tipsy, don’t forget to hit by Boustan for some late night Shawarma; it’s mouth watering!

3. The Latin Quarter

Offering a little something for everyone, The Latin Quarter is for those seeking a laid back attitude and some serious Francophone influence. Clubs catering to international flavour and breweries serving the best, fresh brew, the area gained more popularity with the world’s greatest Summer Jazz Festival, featuring hundreds of shows and live entertainment. For the ever-smiling types, the neighbourhood also hosts the largest Just for Laughs comedy festival every July. Try Le Saint-Sulpice for its impeccable food and drinks coupled with fun-filled Karaoke on a patio. Then there is La Distillerie for the most talented mixologists and cool cocktails. And to experience the most gorgeous hidden terrace of Montreal, head on to Le Saint Elisabeth!

So here is out ‘cut to the chase’ list of the major hot spots to hit in this Canadian city. If you aren’t staying for too long, try some well-paced bar crawling!