Top 3 Places to Party in Montevideo

Top 3 Places to Party in Montevideo

Top 3 Places to Party in Montevideo

The capital city of Uruguay, Montevideo has its own secrets. Located far south from the equator, Montevideo often misses the travel radar of tourists hailing from the north, which is exactly why you should visit Montevideo!

Montevideo, like many Latin cities, has a vibrant nightlife that is noisy with Latin music and Tango dancing. Nightlife in Montevideo starts pretty late, with locals starting dinner around 10 and then clubbing until 4-5 in the morning. The city's bars range from old taverns to trendy cocktail joints. Explore as many bars as possible and you will have your own guide to the best that Montevideo has to offer. Check out the best areas to party in Montevideo:

1. Pocitos and Punta Carreras

If you are a cocktail lover, you cannot skip the night spots in this locality. Serving a little of everything in small portions is the Spanish concept, and Vasca bar de tapas follows this very genuinely. Another option for a night out is El Fondito, a perfect place for warmer nights with a garden and a comfortable seating. The clientele here generally is the youth of the city. Those seeking to experience the high-end nightlife of Montevideo can choose Negroni, one of the best places in the city known for its innovative and high-end cocktails. Also in this area, if you want to experience an international atmosphere, then the perfect choice would be the Modern Bar. The interior of this one is sure to please you, with cocktails being a frosting on the cake. Then there is the Bocanegra Vinos & Tapas, a bar that offers a magnetic card and lets you pour different varieties directly into your cup using electric dispenser! Overall, the district of Pocitos and Punta Carreras has a lot to explore once the sun goes down.

2. Downtown and old city

In this part of Montevideo, you get the best and most refined places to party! FunFun is the best among the bests and most visited by the tourists. A nightout here is worth it since this place offers live music with decorations and combines the elements like culture and sports of Uruguay. With a more or less cliché Uruguayan menu, you get to taste "Uvita", liquor that was originated in this pub! However, if you want to visit some other place similar to this then the option is El Milonga, an international show. Have your sumptuous meal as you gawk at the incredible tango and folklore shows. To try something different, head to a barbershop, Baron and get a good beard cut. But wait, they have a hidden bar and restaurant at the back! Another "cool bar" of the city is the Candy bar, an old store turned into a bar that offers exquisite tortillas.

3. Carrasco

One of the best pubs in this locality is the Clyde's. In a city where pubs come and go, Clyde's has been surviving here for more than 40 years, and thus, has to be a must visit place to seek its secret. But if you are looking for an informal, casual party scene with a young crowd, then you better visit Chivi Pizza. The menu here combines Pizza and Chivitos with cocktails, thus offering a great option to spend a night at both for foodies and partiers. Near the Carrasco creek, there is this lovely place called Hendrix. Two rock musicians created this pub, so here you can listen to rock and all its variations, with live music filling the room sometimes, or the laughs with stand-ups as you drink n dine. Another place to enjoy music is El Mingus coffee bar in Parque Rodo, offering jazz sessions with Mexican food and other surprises. There are many more live concerts that keep happening in Montevideo, so, if you are lucky you will get the best one to enjoy it. If you want to party hard until the next morning, then places like Plaza Mateo center are perfect, housing pubs like Volvo mi Negra where you can dance all night on pop, Cumbia, and contemporary music. Another option is Lotus Club, which goes houseful on most occasions, inviting hardcore revelers that are all dolled up and high heeled. All in all, this district is great for people watching and partying Latin style in Montevideo.

The secret to enjoying the best nightlife in Montevideo is by stepping at the right time on the floor! So begin late and leave early in the morning!

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