Best Places to Party in Milan

Best Places to Party in Milan

Best Places to Party in Milan

Milan, Italy’s second largest city after Rome, has much more to offer than just historic buildings and fashion. A popular destination for vacationers for all the right reasons, Milan is home to some really mesmerizing churches, beautiful world-class museums, and grand plazas. Always been synonymous to fashion, it is from here that Italy gained global recognition for its much-adored fashion industry. With streets full of high-end fashion boutiques, if you can afford to break your bank, then sky is the limit here. Just similar to its charm for the newest wrinkle, its cuisine also boasts a result of rich urban culture here. Not to mention the countless eateries here- you can spend your day eating delicious saffron risotto with a glass of crisp wine.

A city that never stops even after sundown, Milan is as charming and explorable in terms of nightlife as it is in broad daylight. Don’t get lead astray by its fortified walls and discover a new side of Milan at night. It has most desired nightlife in between its grey ancient walls. It holds a perfect mix of art, music, theatre performance and culture all around the clock and has everything for everyone in its pockets. It displays every piece, from noisy and loud music to elegant and calm art. Top 3 places to party in Milan-

1. Navi Gili

It is the place where you will find most Milanese spending their night to make it unique from mainstream. This place holds everything for everyone, with a large number of affordable cafes, bars and restaurant to choose from. With a soothing atmosphere and lively crowd all throughout the day and night, one can stroll at night to walk between the waterways of Milan and vintage shops displaying the crazy street art. At times, you might feel being in a Venice while crisscrossing these canals but remember that Milan is having its effect on you. This place will appeal more to the people in twenties. If you love eating creativity with food then the suggested place to go in Navi Gili is tiny inn called ‘Sadler’. Its chef has earned two Michelin stars for creative cooking.

2. Colonne Di San Lorenzo

A relentless row of ancient columns used as a friendly and chilled spot. So, if you are tired of wearing your best outfit then, you don’t have to worry about all these while taking a walk on the streets of Colonne Di San Lorenzo. The place is situated near Piazza Dumono with a good friendly atmosphere. It is a place to place a drink between your fingers while standing or sitting with the friends and being among the long walls of Milan. The area is surrounded by the number of good bars that sell drinks at cheap prices. Stand there alone with drink for five minutes and on the sixth minute you will have a companion to talk with and that’s how Milan greets its tourists. So, while in Milan don’t forget this place. This place appeals to the people in twenties.

One of our top favorites here is ‘Le Biciclette’, a trendy American style bar with the art gallery inside, always a relaxing and enjoyable place.

3. Piazza Duomo

Shouting out to all the lovers of art and elegance, do visit Piazza Duomo, a perfect blend of art and music. If you don’t enjoy the chaotic and noisy life of nightclubs, then let go of yourself in the calmness and sootiness of Piazza Duomo. This place is not only a day light visit but also a vibrant area at night. It has cafes and museums all around open until late and temporary events are being held all throughout the year. This place appeals most to the people in their forties. One of the best places to visit at Piazza Duomo is the former bank which has now converted itself into the trendiest club- ‘Le Banque’.

So, kick off your Milan trip to find what it holds for you. But don’t forget to have a taste of an original Italian gelato in whichever area of Milan you are in! Au Revoir!