Best Places to Party in Miami

Best Places to Party in Miami

Best Places to Party in Miami

Miami-The Magic City that’s most adored for being one of the best vacation spots in the entirety of the States, boasts miles long stretch of beaches, beautiful people, rich culture, exploding art scene, delightful cuisine, and a magnetic nightlife. Especially a heaven for anyone who likes to party, Miami never fails to deliver epic carousal. When the sun sets and music starts to play in numerous bars and lounges of the legendary South Beach, a region where cocktails flow like tap water, you know you are at the right place! Every neighbourhood in Miami has something to contribute to its nightlife, with each one of them exhibiting a distinct taste and culture.

So if you are hitting the city for some night action, following are some of the best neighbourhoods if you want a night to remember. Check out these top 3 places to party in Miami:

1. South Beach

A Mecca of ultimate debauchery, South Beach is where the Miami magic happens! Litt with dive bars, nightclubs, and cocktail lounges everywhere, SoBe enjoys a huge diverse crowd every night in its numerous nightlife spots in Miami. With the best clubs and bars here, it is witness to international DJ’s and huge pop stars headlining some event or another. In fact, if these glamour souls are not playing, that’s probably because they are chilling out in some VIP Section. Iconic Mega clubs to hipsters preferred dive bars to the best gay clubs in the world; South Beach has everything you need to make your night an epic one. Head to BASEMENT and check it out for yourself. The modern-day equivalent of Studio 54, Basement has everything from bowling alleys to ice skating rink and of course, dancing. Or maybe try LIV, a nightlife spot where you feel like you have entered alternate reality, a spot rubbing shoulders with celebrities is nothing huge. The only drawback, however, is extremely pricy drinks. But c’mon! Like you’d care about that on vacations!

2. Downtown Miami

The heart of Miami, Downtown is the bustling epicentre with gleaming skyscrapers and emerging museums, galleries, restaurants and bars. A blend of the old and new, Downtown Miami exudes an old world charm with its well-famed 1920’s architecture. Also a perfect neighbourhood for young professionals to let loose with more than sufficient options of happy hours every evening, Downtown has also seen a surge of party goers with the opening of plentiful frolicking options. Club Space is the place to be where revellers party from dusk to dawn on throbbing techno beats played by the best local and international DJ’s. then there is Club E11EVEN, another out of the world club with trapeze, burlesque performances, high priced cocktails, and incredibly helpful staff where performers such as Cardi B entertain the crowd!

3. Brickell

Separated from Downtown by the Miami River, Brickell is the business district with high-rise buildings, condos, coffee shops, and plenty of nightlife options. Catering to the after-work crowd in Miami, Brickell is a little fancier than Downtown but not so much as South Beach. From the artsy hipsters to bohemians to working professionals, you can find a good blend of everyone partying like crazy here. To see that, head to Tobacco Road, the oldest bar in Miami serving a great music scene with rock, blues bands and decently prized drinks. LILT Bar & Lounge has a more sophisticated settings and serving cocktails with booze infused ice.

Talk shop with celebrities and party like one too! If nothing makes you happier except a happy hour, then the above mentioned places should definitely be on your list!