Best Places to Party in Medellin

Best Places to Party in Medellin

Best Places to Party in Medellin

Colombia is a pro at designing the best nightlife you could experience. Don’t you want to taste the radiant side of the ‘City of Eternal Spring’? If yes, then watch out. If you throw a party in Medellin, Medellin will throw good vibes back at you! Whether it is about food, drinks or nightlife, style is in Medellin’s blood! Especially in the month of August, people all across the world plan a vacation to have a glimpse of ‘The Festival of Flowers’, this city organizes. Fun filled festivals, walls immersed in graffiti and incredible sites to visit are some of the Medellin’s major highlights. The sunny weather conditions, the joyful environment all around, no shortage of merry, friendly inhabitants and sparkling festive season manage to say it out loud itself why partying in Medellin would be super fun!

Being one of the most innovative cities on globe, Medellin flaunts its world class art galleries, outdoor escalators, libraries, tramways and public places. The Colombian culture smiles through Medellin, as it offers you a complete package to bring out the wanderlust in you. And while you won’t wish to miss the enormous nature reserve right on the Medellin’s outskirts, don’t you forget to bring your comfy kits, bag packs and an energy drink when you feel like wandering around this Forest Reserve: The Arvi Park! And to be able to have your nights as rocking as the daytime, try these top 3 places for a perfect Colombian Party in Medellin:

1. Lleras

The utterly famous party zone of Medellin, Lleras holds everything what a party freak needs under one roof. Be it bars, nightclubs, restaurants or even a coffee shop, there is no end to the party mood here! You will also discover the Lleras Park and discos nearby. If you are bored of parties with cliché menus and climate, give Lleras a chance to turn up your life! The density of bars here is such that you can definitely find what you are looking for. Talk about Electronica at the Betty House or 90’s American Rock at Blue, you name it and you have it! Other popular joints include Bar Lovento, Bendito Seas, La Octava, Red and B Lounge.

2. Barrio Colombia

When it comes to a night club, all one needs is spacious and exclusive zone experiences! Barrio Colombia fetches you it all. Close to Metro station and far from boredom, Barrio Colombia gives you the real feel of a rich party with gorgeous interiors and bars and restaurants all around. Barrio Colombia is known for how ‘different’ it is from other party zones. Go! Throw a party in Barrio Colombia and you will get to taste the real Medellin with a ‘different’ spoon. The End, one of the best clubs in Medellin, is located in this very vicinity. Other famous night out spots are Amarna Unica, Indiana Bar, Luxury Discoteca, Mia VIP Room and a lot more!

3. La 33

We understand your concern when you say ‘party in budget’. And La 33 brings you a unique party wave and ‘in budget consideration’ combo! This district is an ideal option if you want to go with the typicality of Colombian parties in Medellin. With an approachable budget, La 33 is a complete package of an ideal party zone where you can also find various rock bars and places hosting musical events. Choose your favorite genre and enjoy the melodies sinking through the streets of Medellin. If you plan a cosy atmosphere and wish to seek respite from the bustle, try La Café, a fairy lights sprinkled restaurant that lets you indulge in Bruno Mars as you grab a drink in its red bar. For a European pub experience, try Public House, a perfect place to grab some national beer with snacks and cheese.

This city will make you fall in love with a nightlife never experienced before! Enjoy the party!