Top 3 Places to Party in Manila

Top 3 Places to Party in Manila

Top 3 Places to Party in Manila

Earning itself a reputation for being a congested and polluted concrete jungle, Manila is often overlooked as a mere stopover for travellers who wish to explore the beauty of Philippine province. However, the city is sprawling, bustling and culturally complicated along with a multicoloured heritage exhibiting vibrant hues visible in every nook and corner. A rapidly developing city with its root right in its own wealthy history, Manila is one place that can be defined as a city with a soul. Deriving its moniker from the shells resting on its sand, Manila is known to its fan as the 'Pearl of the Orient'. With the skyscrapers piercing through the hazy sky and the poverty-stricken shanty towns mushrooming along the land, it is the land of paradox that gives you a chance to witness both parts of the world within the premise of its peripheries.

After you have spent your entire day in the embrace of the beautiful yet confusing city, as the night dawns the confusion about what to do with it rises along with it. To help you through making an informed choice, here is a list of the best neighbourhoods in the region to party.

1. Makati

There are only a few places that have the audacity to pull off a weekend vibe right through the week, and Makati is one neighbourhood that does it with brilliant nonchalance. Though there is another side of the city, the much homier side of Manila's business district is one place that treats its visitors with a finer touch of things, complete with a handmade touch. One of the most prominent areas in the region is the Salcedo Market- an outdoor extravaganza where you can find anything from the Moroccan chicken curry right the way down to Filipino coffee. For the night times, some of the most famous bars in the region include Royal Club, 7840 Time, Long Bar, Rogues Sports Bar, Cathouse, Nuvo Bar and Restaurant and Heckle & Jeckle. However, if you are looking for more action in your nightclubs in the region, then don’t forget to include Bé Low Club, Kojax, Horizon Gentlemen's VIP Lounge, Strumm's, Nectar Nightlife, Valkyrie Night Club, Buddha Bar Manila, Mixed Nuts Bar, Ringside Bar, Rascals and Shinju no Miri.

2. Tomas Morato

Branching off echoes of old Manila's fun-loving nightlife and the amazing residential atmosphere, Tomas Morato is snuggled up in the intersection of Quezon City’s south triangle. In a place brimming with yoga studios, spas and tattoo parlours, Tomas Morato is one of Manila's long standing entertainment districts, thus drawing both local and foreign tourists for live music and comedy clubs. Some of the most famous bars in the region include Rue Bourbon, enRoute Distillery, PS Billiards, Cable Car Restobar and Gameroom, Giligan's, Zirkoh Comedy and Music Bar, Dolce Amore Underground Bar, Padi's Point Tomas Morato Branch, Prime Bar and Butterfly Manila. Alternatively, if you want to inculcate live music in your night, the best options include Quattro Grill Bar & Restaurant and Nation Bar and Grill.

3. UP Village

Home to a number of top universities, UP Village is fresh with ideas and youthful creative, making it one of the premiers for people who enjoy food. With a wide variety of dining options, you will come across a number of Board game cafés, cat cafés, tattoo parlours, second-hand bookstores, local fashion boutiques, and vinyl stores jostling up of ancient and mystical flavour in the environment. Some of the best bars in the region include Imperfecto, My Bar Grill, Garage inc., TC Restaurant & Bar, Summer House Cafe, The Pink Room, The Beer Cafe and My Bar Cafe.

To make sure that your night is as good as your day, don’t just hop over Manila onto some perky Fillipino isle. The city is actually a treasure trove of fun secrets!

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