Top 3 Places to Party in Malaga

Top 3 Places to Party in Malaga

Top 3 Places to Party in Malaga

The city of Malaga is ruled by beaches, museums, forts and of course plazas amongst one of which, the legendary Picasso was born. This city of art and culture serves a lot to do all day long, but doesn't even stop after that.

Malaga's nights goes both ways from being easy going, charming, laid back to intense loud and creative, it's all upon you what you choose! You might think that most of the nightlife in the city is clustered along the city centre of the city, and you may be right, but there are other parts of the city too which serve a very varied and banging nightlife. So to know the city better, check out the top 3 places to party in Malaga:

1. Historic City Centre

The historic city center houses most of the important attractions of the city is also a very popular nightlife area in Malaga. Lined with an array of bars and places to hit after dark, the place cannot go unnoticed by the night crawlers. Going strong since 1840 is the oldest bar in Malaga, Antigua Casa Guardia. The bar is considered to be the best wine bar in the city and an essential stop for lovers of quality drinks. The ambiance consists of a long row of barrels, fronted by dark wooden tables where they serve rich sweet wines to their visitors. Another one of the very popular bars in the city is the ZZ Pub. Majorly popular among students, this Vibrant Pub is known for its eclectic atmosphere and hosting live music and international DJ artists every night. If you want to dance the night away, the ZZ Pub is the best one to be. Then there is the Terraza de Larios, located on the fifth floor of the Mate Larios Hotel and covers some of the most dazzling panoramas of the city. Visitors can take a seat on the roof and indulge in refreshing drinks while gazing at the breathtaking views. Open until late at night, the bar also features a DJ, which is a perfect setting for its visitors. Another place is the Sala Gold, which is also a very renowned one and why not! The ultra-cool nightclub with its jaw-dropping Baroque décor and frenetic dancing is just perfect for a night out. There are varied nights with different kinds of music on, including the 70s and 80s night.

2. El Palo Area

Home to Malaga University, the area is frequented by a vast number of students, which comes with the fact that the area serves a banging nightlife. One of the many spots in this district is the Bar Azahares, which pretty much looks like a hole in the wall, but once you step inside you will be surprised by the energetic, noisy, friendly ambience and great music. The bar is open all night, so you can enjoy drinks, play a game of darts, or just dance to the live music on. The place also puts on comedy once a week, which is perfect to get a grip over local Malaga humor. Another place is the Pedregal Bar, located on Pedreglajo Beach. If you prefer drinks by the sea, this place is just lit. Cold beers and mojitos are served here in the most appropriate ambience, so laid back that you feel yourself sinking in your chairs! There are other places located on the sea front as well such as La Tortunga Bar, Rocamar 70 and Bolivia 41 and the Swan Café.

3. Soho District

Just off the port is the Soho district, one of the most exciting street arts in Andalusia. Besides Art, the area cannot be referred to the hippest one in the city, but surely has something for the night owls. One place to hit in this district is the El Rincon del Cervecero. Small, light and simply furnished, this is a good place to drop in for a casual drink. There is a long list of drinks including local and international beers. There are also tasting sessions and homebrew workshops. Another place is the Flamenco El Soho, which is relatively a new place in the district. This is a theatre that manages to capture the real spirit of flamenco. Inside the space, you get a simple set of a show and tables to enjoy your drinks.

What to do in the nights of Malaga? Well, the city’s numerous bars, clubs, rooftop bars, and promenade is the answer!

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