Top 3 Places to Party in Madeira Island

Top 3 Places to Party in Madeira Island

Top 3 Places to Party in Madeira Island

Madeira, the Portuguese archipelago that comprises of 4 islands, is truly a work of art! Toothy peaks shrouded with clouds, plummeting valleys and exuberant greenery, the ancient volcanic activity has made the beaches here more boulder-loving that shell-seeking! In the day, it serves you with numerous panoramic views and landscapes and at nights, it makes you drink like fish with its fancy beers and cocktails. The integral nightlife of Madeira is concentrated in its capital city, Funchal. This part of Madeira is considered to have a great variety of restaurants and bars to choose from. It is usually quiet on weekdays in Funchal, but on weekends you will experience the hippiest side of this city, with live music playing and people packed on streets, and also insanely mesmerizing sights of the Bay, which you will be able to catch a glimpse of anywhere you look.

So get the hang of some of the best areas to party in Funchal, Madeira, before you set your vacation:

1. Zona Velha

This is a much adored cobbled street in the day that turns into the liveliest areas of Funchal at night. Zona Velha is said to be the meeting point for the nightlife scene in Funchal and a great location to have the traditional alcoholic drink 'Pocha'. This area in Funchal is a crossbreed of small and cozy alleys where locals come along and enjoy beautiful evening. You can keep no count of bars and pubs in this area as it’s a never ending list. Some of the best pubs in this neighborhood in Funchal is Moynihan's, an Irish bar where a fairly friendly crowd and reasonably priced drinks along with live television sports are enough to distress yourselves. Then there’s Bar do Museum, Funchal's wine museum and predominately a wine serving bar that serves everything from local to international wines at all prices ranges from affordable to expensive. Another great choice is the FX bar, which is renowned for a live music venue in Funchal. Funky interior and a games room upstairs, there's a club attached to the bar which serves great food and everything from beer to cocktails!

2. Monte

Monte is 500 meters above the sea level and offers marvelous views of Funchal at nights. Monte itself is a place where you could sit and stare at the clean sky for hours and hours. But if that doesn't lure you in, you still have a lot on your plate here. The best choice would be the Cocktail Bar located in the main part of Quinta do Monte Hotel. This bar has a cozy atmosphere where you can grab a drink and also fill in your appetite. Then is the Café pavilion, tucked away in gardens, offering delightful views over the bay of Funchal. This café is an ideal treat for light meals and drinks in a peaceful and relaxed setting. And If you have driven to Monte with an empty stomach, the restaurant Monte garden will be a superb choice to have a meal with a view. Lastly, find some local shops by the Cable car station, where they serve excellent beers and also the view while drinking is delightful too. This area serves a bit of a Laid- back nightlife instead of a hippy nightlife.

3. Santa Maria

This one’s the best area in Funchal when talked about vintage and traditional settings. The cobbled streets and cozy ambiance here make you go wander in the streets at night. There are a lot of choices to pick from when in Rua de Santa Maria. First on the list would be the Revolution Bar, with the best cocktails in the town, trippy art, and music! Then comes the Vintage bar, which has an outdoor setting and exactly appropriate to enjoy the cool breezes and fancy cocktails loved by the locals. The Lido beach club is another great choice with an outdoor seating and music playing on the beachside. You will also find some more choices to choose from the Waterfront. And if you prefer a quiet and introspective nightlife, then a stroll by the beachside with a beer in your hands will be a perfect treat!

Funchal in Madeira serves its visitors with not only food and drinks but fantastic sceneries too. So when in Funchal, don’t miss any chance to enjoy outdoor atmospheres or anything on the waterfront!! Happy travels!

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