Top 3 Places to Party in Macau

Top 3 Places to Party in Macau

Top 3 Places to Party in Macau

Best known to be the Mecca of gambling with its innumerable casinos in every nook and corner, Macau has earned its accolade of “Vegas of the East”! The island has a pleasant contrasting atmosphere with modern skyscrapers and well preserved Chinese colonial buildings, and gambling along with traditional Chinese culture. Having much more to offer than just its glimmering casinos and a perky nightlife, Macau is a cocktail of glamour, gaming, and pubs, and is trying hard to compete Hong Kong for a vibrant nightlife. Most righteously ‘the city that never sleeps’, Macau welcomes you into its nightclubs and casinos with great booze, any time of the day. There are hip nightclubs all over the island where expats and tourists are seen in hordes, dancing to the music even on weekdays.

So if you are all set to visit the isle, begin with partying in D2 or Sky 21, the most popular ones at the moment, or maybe commence your vacay with a long stroll across the Venetian. The options are definitely umpteen. So following are 3 areas where you can plan and spend a crazy night partying in this Vegas of East!

1. Macau Outer Harbour

This area is perhaps the most modernised part of Macau and sees maximum action with the high concentration of hotels and casinos. Popular with tourists and expats, it is the primary venue of the island with all the entertainment factors right at your beck & call. Spend your afternoons touring all the fantastic museums such as The Grand Prix Museum, a must for every car enthusiast, or try The Macau Tower, the tallest building of the region, where panoramic views of the island can be gawked at from the Skywalk. With a plethora of casinos, top class hotels and restaurants, its nightlife is also thriving and becoming one of the best in Asia. The area is the place to be if you want to enjoy a 24-hour buzz and the glamorous side of Macau. Moonwalk Bar is where you should go if you want to enjoy live upbeat music and a nice, comprehensive beverage menu. If you are an ardent lover of whisky, then go to Whisky Bar in Star World Hotel, where you can gawk at the sprawling skyline of Macau.

2. Taipa Island

Once a lively fishing village, this tiny island is now considered a cultural hub of Macau with mouth watering dishes, art exhibitions, pastel covered Portuguese houses and more. This hidden gem will provide a full authentic feel of Macau with fraction of population then Outer Harbour. Brimming with local Chinese shops, local eateries where you can try Portuguese food, and museums. Taipa is an atmospheric place with a slow pace of life and is a great getaway if you want to get away from the glitzy casinos of Macau for a while. While the majority of thriving nightlife takes place in the Outer Harbour, Taipa also houses assortment of bars where good food and drinks are available. However, the place where most action takes place is The Venetian. A tribute to Venice, this magnificent hotel houses multiple swanky lounges, nightclubs, and casinos and is a MUST visit when in Macau. Apart from this, you can head to Old Taipa Tavern, a cosy and welcoming bar that bursts with energy when hit by popular expats and bustling with live music every weekend.

3. Fisherman’s Wharf

One of its kind, Fisherman’s Wharf is a more of a theme park and a large sightseeing resort in Macau. An integration of western and Chinese elements, it is one of the top tourist destinations apart from the casinos. Entertainment, shopping, nightlife, sightseeing, hotels, and restaurants, all are featured under one big roof. You get to marvel at its brilliance when you see a tall man-made volcano that erupts every evening. You can also find Arabic-styled children’s park, water shows and much more here in this truly power packed entertainment facility. When done enjoying your day here, change into your best attire and head to Nicole Fashion Club for a night of karaoke and party with the hip and trendy! Or you may even hit the floors of the infamous D2 club and dance to the tunes of guest DJs while sipping a delicious cocktail.

In a place with such a large number of options, dilemma is inevitable. So, plan from our comprehensive list and you can save your time and energy while planning an unforgettable trip!

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