Best Places to Party in Lyon

Best Places to Party in Lyon

Best Places to Party in Lyom

Snuggled up at the junction of the Rhône and Saône rivers, Lyon is one of the most beautiful cities forming the perfect confluence of natural, cultural and architectural beauty. With its architectural leaning towards the Roman side, the journey to Lyon can easily be claimed to be a journey through time and across cultures. A simple stroll in the place will bring about the evidence and the extent of the beauty in the region. Travelling along its bustling docks and impressive squares, one can easily wonder where the day went. However as the sun begins to set, the beauty and activity of the place starts taking a different turn, one that is almost as beautiful as the day.

To plan your night and make sure that the time is well spent, here is a list of some of the best regions to look for post-sun activities:

1. 1er arrondissement

Counted as one of liveliest places in the region, the 1er arrondissement is the focal point of a major chunk of bars, pubs and nightclubs. Home to the City Hall of Lyon, the Saint Nizier Church and the Opera, this district in Lyon will provide you entertainment both pre and post dusk. The place holds an animated sort of architecture made up of a labyrinth of small narrow streets, one that’s overflowing with shops and outlets. If you looking for a laid back and more private experience, the best bars in the region include The Beers, Bomp!, Soda Bar, L' Antiquaire Classic Cocktails Bar & Fine Spirits, The Daughter Wine Bar, The Orangery, Château neuf du Peuple, L'antirouille and La pasarela. However, if what you plan to do all night including nothing beyond dance and music, the best places to be include The Hot Club Lyon, La Ruche( Gay Bar), Paddy's Corner, The Smoking Dog, XS and It Pub Bar( Gay Bar).

2. 3rd Arrondissement

One of the most distinguishing factors about the 3rd district is its proximity to the Bergess du Rhône. A well placed neighbourhood, one part of this neighbourhood in Lyon is consanguine with the shopping centre and the other half is bordered with the train station de la Part Dieu. The place hosts a very open environment both in architecture and the thought of the people. Complete with pleasant atmosphere and tree lined streets, the day can be spent simply admiring the beauty of the place. For the post-dusk activities, the best bars in the region include Histoire de Fûts, Wallace Bar, Volle Petrol, Le petit bar, IV-the qu4tre, KBOX Karaoke, Chez Steph, l'Aristide and the Hippo Cade. If the definition of night for you is synonymous with music and dance, the best options for you include L'Ambassade, Ayers Rock Boat, King Arthur Pub, Jazzy's Corner, Au Fût et à mesure and XS.

3. 5th Arrondissement

Considered as the historical heart of the place, 5th Arrondissement is one of the most unique neighbourhoods in Lyon. Some of the most elemental gems in the crown of Lyon include places such as the Saint-Jean, the Basilica and Fourvière. With the wealth of historical beauty this place owns, your whole day is sorted! For the night fun, the best bars in the region include The Beers, Les BerThoM Fousseret Lyon, Big White, Pick Me up, BMD "bois manges et détends-toi", Broc'Bar, The Albion and Le temps des copains. The best pubs include Fleming's, Antidote, Since the Cavern and Flanigan's.

To experience the perfect nightlife of Lyon, be sure to make our to-go list your to-do list.