Best Places to Party in Lviv

Best Places to Party in Lviv

Best Places to Party in Lviv

The architecturally stunning and miraculously well-preserved city of Ukraine, Lviv is a cultural gem, one that’s not commercially destroyed by tourism yet. This UNESCO listed city is one of the most underrated cities in all of Europe and exudes nearly the same charm as Central Europe, while at the same time being high up the affordability chart. With bountiful of cafes at every corner, sipping coffee seems to be a favourite pastime here, with the air always being wafted with a delicious aroma of coffee beans!

With a major population of students residing here, Lviv’s nightlife is bound to be a little crazy. Themed clubs, beer museums, and ultra cheap alcohol compared to some of other European cities, seems to be the norm here. Below are some of the neighbourhoods having their fair share of crazy! Top places to party in Lviv include:

1. Prospekt Svobody

The main street of Lviv, Propekt Svobody is the centre of all social activities in the city. In summers, the broad pavement of this street becomes the main hang out hub of the city, where everyone loves to go people watching, get photos clicked in front of Shevchanko Statue, eat ice creams, or maybe take a leisurely stroll in one of the lush green parks nearby. From historical monuments to artsy cafes, there is a lot to check out here or just grab a snack and revel in some street performances or go for souvenir shopping on one of the many shops. At the northern end of Prospekt Svobody, stands the grand Lviv Opera House proudly and cheap tickets are available whenever troop is in town so make sure to take advantage of it. Aside from enjoying Opera House’s shows in the evenings there also a good range of bars and clubs to tempt many. Head to Livy Bereh where you can enjoy cheap beers and live music and can party with the locals.

2. Old Town

Lviv’s Old Town feels and looks like a slice of Central Europe with its cobblestone alleys, beautiful orthodox as well as Armenian churches in every corner, and neoclassical styled buildings everywhere you raise your eye. Its rich heritage and cultural influence can be clearly displayed in its colourful architecture. Stroll through the narrow streets and enjoy a wide array of cafes, eateries, and shops. Its main attraction is Rynok Square which, even after 7 centuries, still stands tall with pride. Always abuzz with activity, it is enclosed by several renaissance mansions and several interconnected courtyards. The best part of this neighbourhood is the lack of tourists as compared to other cities and availability of abundance of coffee shops. Being one of the liveliest areas of the city, it is only given that there will be some places to enjoy your nights too. Don’t fret! There is plenty for everyone. Head to Kriyivka , located at Market Sq. This is one of the most famous bars in Lviv with a WWII kind of theme and also you will need a password to get in. How exciting!

Still a developing city, a lot more nightclubs and bars keep popping up every other day. Make sure you get in on some of that insane fun!