Best Places to Party in Luxor

Best Places to Party in Luxor

Best Places To Party in Luxor

To understand the conceptual nightlife in Luxor, you need to draw a blank on the cliché practices of clubbing and booze. Discos in Luxor have minimal to do with dancing; they are more of a bar with music. Entertainment in Luxor comprises of culture, ancient history and belle époque architecture. Pubs in Luxor are euphemized as Cafeterias, and are scarce in presence. A number of luxury hotels in Luxor accommodate discotheques and lounges that host local bands and vocalists on certain evenings. ‘Culture shows’ with belly dancers performing are a popular trend too here. Check out the top 3 places to party in Luxor:

1. Jolie Ville

The grounds of Jolie Ville organize the greatest food and entertainment event in Luxor. At Fellah’s tent, get a glimpse of the magnificent sunset as you sail across the Nile. The buffet serving authentic local cuisines are well applauded by visitors with belly dancers and snake charmers killing it with their moves. Dress up in the traditional Egyptian attire and take a close peek-a-boo at Egyptian culture.

2. Luxor Bazaar

To enjoy Luxor in its full bloom, visit the expansive Luxor Bazaar. Once the sun sets, this market area offers you an impressive cultural trip into hundreds of authentic shops selling artistic products. For souvenir shopping, there is no better haven than the Bazaar. However, it is advisable to not try boozing as you stroll, since drinking is illegal in most public areas. You can always have it in one of the restaurants selling alcohol; it is pretty cheap in Luxor.

3. Journo Village

The West Bank of Luxor is home to a bunch of popular cafes and bars. Water pipe (sheesha) is serves almost everywhere in the city, with coffee making it to the top of favorite beverages chart. The famous Baladina café lies in close proximity to this neighborhood in Luxor. All in all, it is an ideal district to enjoy after dark.

Luxor has earned the accolade of being the world’s greatest open-air museum, with an unmatched archaeological heritage. The city has so much to unravel in the daytime that you would anyway prefer to hit the bed early. Get up early to catch the beautiful sun rise over the Nile.

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