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Best Nightlife in Lucerne, Switzerland

Best Places to Party in Lucerne

Lucerne may be a small town, but the weight it pulls with its culture, art and nightlife is beyond measures. Fifty shades of bars and clubs jostle in the heart of Switzerland, offering something for everyone. You want a hanky-panky night? Head to a grand hotel! Looking for something more alternate or flipside? Dive into students-centered nightclubs. From in-house DJs playing groovy numbers to random dancers swaying their arms in delight, Lucerne has it all!

So if you are seeking some advice on best nightlife in the Swiss town, try these top 3 places to party in Lucerne:

1. Haldenstrasse

This popular street in Lucerne stands on the banks of Lake Lucerne, giving an ideal setting for both daytime sightseeing and one of the best nightlife in Lucerne. With so much worthy competition among nightlife areas in Lucerne, Haldenstrasse is a serious contender for the title of most insane nightlife district. Beautiful and young crowd, many American-styled nightclubs and bars pull in a lot of fancy crowd, like the National Bar or the Palace Hotel. For gamblers, Hadenstrasse is absolute paradise! The Grand Casino Luzern is an ideal playground for laying odds, entertainment and laissez-faire. Magic, music and comedy play heavy at the Casino Event Bar.

2. Pilatusstrasse

Pilatusstrasse hosts some most amazing and lively nightclubs in Lucerne. Cocktails, wines, beers, DJs parties and dance temples, all are served in abundance here. Some of the prime rooftop highlights of Lucerne lie in Pilatusstrasse, like the Penthouse Bar in Hotel Astoria. Get a 360 degree view of the mountain-scape everywhere you look. Weekends are loaded with DJs swapping music, featuring some exotic cocktails to go with. Then there is the Suite Lounge on the top floor of Hotel Monopol, having a beyond extended party area with 3 bars dance music, and a couple of outdoor terraces to create an invigorating party ambience.

3. Europaplatz

Brooding beside the main railway station is this starkly newfangled contrast to the medieval character of the rest of Lucerne city. Europaplatz got its facelift in the late 1990’s with the construction of a dramatically modern agglomeration of large-scale buildings called the Kultur and Kongress Zentrum (KKL). This glittery showcase for performing arts and corporate conventions reminds travelers of a music box sparkling with acres of glass and metal panels. The auditoriums host some of the best acoustics in the world with a large number of heavy metal, rock and classical concerts holding up.

Nightlife in Lucerne is a true spectacle for the senses. From umpteen liquor varieties to lip-smacking food, bars in Lucerne conform a crazy night out for you!