Best Places to Party in Ljubljana

Best Places to Party in Ljubljana

Best Places to Party in Ljubljana

Ljubljana, the Slovenian Capital hosts a wide student population, hence fuelling an eclectic and insane nightlife. Street theatres, Operas, movies and dance clubs flood this beautiful canal-town. You shouldn’t expect a big city charm here; there are as many riverfront bars and cafes up till late as are the ‘sundown to sunup’ clubs and pubs.

So check out the top 3 Places to party in Ljubljana:

1. Prešernov Trg

This district is practically the focal point of nightlife in Ljubljana, hosting some of the city’s best bars, cafes and clubs. Ljubljana nightlife begins in the early evening hours with a number of bars staying up till dawn. Visit the architectural aesthetics in the daytime before you wind up sipping a drink and dining in one of the coolest meeting points of Ljubljana. Street musicians and performers flock to this district, giving you an impeccable cultural experience. The area hosts many concerts and small events during the summers. Jazz Club Gajo is an ideal place to grab a coffee or maybe a Slovenian Wine while listening to chilly Jazz music. Plocnik, located right on the foot of the Triple Bridge, hosts many people-watchers even in the off-season.

2. Metelkova

This one is a self-declared cultural hub for alternative artists. What were earlier military barracks are now replete with underground artists, nightclubs and bars. Friday and Saturday nights are ghastly crowded here, with most clubs hitting the ground around midnight and going on until wee hours in the morning. Slovenian and international DJs, LGBT clubs and insanely cheap booze pulls in large crowds. Visitors call Metelkova a completely different experience, totally unique and alternative from the rest of the town. The looks of this district are kind of eerie, but overall, it is a safe hideout for punters and partiers.

3. Stari Trg

Stari Trg, or the Old Square, is an interesting locale that yields something worth staying awake for in every 50 yards. Right in the heart of the city, Stari Trg is a melting point for tourists and locals both in the daytime and at night. Its buzzing with partiers over the weekends. Fetiche Bar boasts some really dramatic interiors, broody designs and provocative posters. Julija and Katakombe Pub, other very popular hangouts keep the quaint and gothic charm of the Old Town intact.

Bars in Ljubljana are widely dispersed in town, although everything is in walking distance in this small town. The banks of Ljubljanica River are bustling with cafes, restaurants and bars, serving the perfect place to indulge in Slovenian charm.