Best Places to Party in Lisbon

Best Places to Party in Lisbon

Best Places to Party in Lisbon

If the nightlife of Madrid has always awed you, get ready to be blown off your feet after entering Lisbon. Recognized as an alpha-level global city by the Globalization and World Cities, Lisbon has also been identified as one of the most happening capital in terms of party, booze and dancing. The place is an epitome of debauchery culture and has a lot to offer to the people who visit the place including beaches night, nightclubs oozing energy and a plethora of cafes to choose from.
However, with the blessing of choice comes the curse of confusion. But fear not, this city has something for everyone. So take notes while we introduce you to the top 3 places to party in Lisbon:

1. Bairro Alto

Containing one of the widest ranges of nightclubs in Lisbon to choose from, this is one nightlife district famous for umpteen reasons. Plethora of bars is available in the Bairro Alto neighbourhood, boasting everything from chilled beer to an eclectic crowd roaming on the streets till wee hours. One of the best places to have an insight in the local life of the people in the capital, this district stands a tall as a wallet-friendly place to meet new people.

2. Alfama

This nightlife district in Lisbon is one of the city's live music hotspot, playing as the cavernous den of debauchery and wild live music. A place hosting both Portuguese and international artists as well as regular DJ sets, Alfama is the place for you if good music is your dope. Alfama specifically feeds the appetite of the rock, dance, hip-hop or reggae admirers. Though a little heavy on the wallet this place makes up for it by the ambience. But otherwise, cabs are super cheap in Lisbon. You can easily hail a taxi and bar-crawl from sundown to sunup..

3. Cais do Sodre

The understatedly cool and laid-back district in Lisbon, Cais do Sodre has spearheaded the city’s recent transformation from authentic to contempo. Holding the tag of Lisbon's largest "super clubs", this is one of the 'it' places in the vicinity. Open till the morning time, Cais do Sodre is one of those places where people get the feel of a club but with an additional benefit of personal space, ensured by vast compounds. Plan a night out at the Pink Street for some alcoholic fun and hedonistic nightclubs. In the morning, hit the legendary Portuguese cafes for a perfect hangover cure.

One thing to note about the place is that because of the posh nature of the place, the prices of the commodities are a little steep. But it is the music in the place which steals the show away. And anyway, who cares about the money after you are wasted! So party hard, splurge harder!