Best Places to Party in Lima

Best Places to Party in Lima

Best Places to Party in Lima

When the colonial facades and the beautiful high rises in Lima are bundled up in fog, the enchantment of the place is subdued and comes across too subtle. Rising up from a long coastline of crumbling cliffs, Lima is considered the second-driest world capital beaten only by Cairo. After spending a day in climbing on the wave of chaos spanning from the high rising condos alongside the pre-Columbian temples, the nights can be spent in a way you want, thanks to the wide variety of options in Lima.

To help you pick through the options and find you a night according to your mood, here is the list of best neighbourhoods to plan your nights in:

1. Cercado de Lima

The historic heart of the city, Cercado de Lima is the official district name for Lima Downtown, more commonly known as "Centro de Lima". A place where the Spaniards built their country's capital in colonial fashion, Centro de Lima has lost its former glory and for a long while was considered dirty, unsafe, crowded and chaotic. However, the recent years has seen growth and progression in the region, making it a pioneer in the sun down activities. Some of the most famous bars in the Peruvian neighbourhood include Olvídate Bar, Bar Monarca, La Jarrita, Bar Hotel Boliovar, Ancieta U Alta, Dalida Cafe Bar, Trescruses and Centro Bar. If you are a fan of dancing one place you shouldn't miss is the Bodega Bar Juanitos.

2. Miraflores and Barranco

Unanimously known as a tourist friendly place, Miraflores is a collection of nice hotels, hostels, shops, bars and pubs. With beautiful parks providing excellent views, for most of the tourists, your day goes by in a blur admiring the beauty of the place along with enjoying the food from one of the many delicious options by the colloquial restaurants. For the after sun activities, Miraflores has one of the widest variety of options. For the people who enjoy dancing, some of the most famous clubs include, Cocodrilo Verde, Nebula, Jazz Zone, Bizarro, Discoteca Tequilla Rock Miraflores, Haus Karaoke Bar and Tavern Bar Delfus. If, however, you want to indulge in the local and foreign taste of liquor, the best bars in the region include La Destilería, El Tayta, Treff and the Old Pub.

Located in close proximity with Miraflores and Chorrillos, Barranco is known in the area for its bohemian nightlife, beautifully preserved architecture and leisurely strolls. A well known destination for romance, fun and bar hopping, the experience by Barranco is something not many places can hold a candle to. After shopping during the day, the night can be spent in one of the many bars for a quiet night or can be spent dancing in one of the many pubs and clubs. Some of the best bars in the region include Ayahuasca, La Noche, Picas, La Posada del Angel, Wick's Brewpub, Cala, Barranco Beer Company, El Acantilado, La Estación B and Bar Hensley Barranco. The best night clubs include El Dragón, Suit De Barranco and Mal de Amores.

3. Pueblo Libre

Another one of the interesting choices in the Lima region, Pueblo Libre is one of the must visit places here. Packed with a wide plethora of monuments, archaeological remains, historic manor houses and two large Indian markets making it an ideal shopping stop to buy all kinds of souvenirs, Pueblo Libre is one of the most happening places during the day. Along with this the place offers you two of the most prestigious museums in the region showcasing the entire historical and anthropological account of the place. After exploring the beautiful place in town night time is also not too dull in the region. Some of the best bars in the region include El Pisquerito, Jamaica Free Town, Kalua Disco, El Bolivariano and Golibar. Some of the best night clubs include Taller Cassiano, 7.7 and Hops.

To choose the kind of night you would want to spent, choose from the options above and indulge in a great nightlife in Peru!