Best Places to Party in Las Vegas

Best Places to Party in Las Vegas

Best Places to Party in Las Vegas

Located within close proximity of the Grand Canyon and circumscribed with surrounding hills and mountains, Las Vegas is some close kin of fun, recreation and excitement! Home to a wide collection of casinos and bars, a walk down the lane can bring in perspective to a large number of hotels featuring free street-side shows complete from the dancing fountains to erupting volcanoes, making it one of the most unique experiences in the region. Flooding with expensive accommodations, mesmerizing casino floors, lavish pool bar and even one of the movable dance floors for the air, luxury is never very far beyond when we talk about Vegas!

As far as the gastronomical expertise of Las Vegas is considered, the celebrity chefs of Strip are one of the best in the region, complete with their hatted fine-dining restaurants and America's favorite food franchises. This is one place that will constantly overwhelm you but still you would be so entangled in the devious beauty that leaving will be the last thing on your mind. And with all this, the day in Vegas is pretty sorted. But the night dawns with a new wave of options coupled with a new collection of confusions. To help you narrow the list down and pick the ones that suit your personality, here is a list of the best places to party in Vegas you can expect to enjoy a good night life in:

1. Downtown Vegas

The motherland of the Las Vegas we know today, Downtown is the original Glitter and Gulch of the place. Prior to the extreme fame that the Strip holds today, Downtown Vegas was the to-go place for almost everyone in the city. A peek into the past heritage of the alleged Sin-City, Downtown Vegas gives off the vibe, that the clocks in the region didn't work beyond the late 1970s, although many might argue that even Downtown is updated, keeping in light the overhead canopy of the Fremont Street Experience and its Viva Vision light show. Some of the most famous bars in the region include Troy Liquor Bar, Downtown Cocktail Room; Don't Tell Mama, The Griffin, Beauty Bar Las Vegas, Commonwealth and Gold Spike.

2. Las Vegas Valley

The actual city of Las Vegas is just concentrated in a small part of the Las Vegas Valley, but this is the region where the supposed dreams are to come true! One of the major attractions in Las Vegas is its gambling, but with the passage of time, this bubbling wave of tourists is opting for the other assets of the city, like Red Rock Canyon and Lake Mead National Recreation Area. However, the night in the region isn't complete without visiting the bars and clubs including OAK Nightclub, XS, Drai's Beachclub & Nightclub, Omnia Nightclub, Hakkasan Las Vegas nightclub, Tao Las Vegas and Chateau Nightclub.

3. Primm

Located just 25 minutes towards the southern end of Las Vegas, Primm is one of the most popular destinations, especially with the Las Vegans and the Californians, thanks to its convenient location and its proximity on the southern Nevade/California. Complete with a long list of affordable activities, Primm is able to lure the Las Vegans, thanks to its amazing shopping opportunities while the Californians visit it for the Vegas vibes. Some of the main bars and clubs in the region include Lavo Italian Restaurant & Lounge, Intrigue Nightclub, Las Vegas Crawl Bar, Cheetahs Las Vegas, Drai's Beachclub & Nightclub, La Cima Nightclub and La Jolla Nightclub.

To spend a day and to spend a night in the region could never be judged on the same scale. To make sure that each of them are equally exciting, match your list with ours.