Top 3 Places to Party in La Paz, Bolivia

Top 3 Places to Party in La Paz, Bolivia

Top 3 Places to Party in La Paz, Bolivia

The capital city of Bolivia, La Paz, is an iconic and distinctive one. Busy streets, honking traffic and an unrelenting population somehow create enough space for modernity and tradition under one roof! With numerous things to do in the daytime, the city doesn't seem to get tired even after sun down. Nightlife in La Paz is scattered over different areas in the city with each one boasting a charm of its own. With clubs and bars lined up in this city, there are various festivals and concerts to catchup. Having no dearth of nightlife in La Paz, from rock concerts to techno clubs to laid-back acoustic venues, there is something for everyone visiting La Paz.

Unlike other big cities around the globe, Friday nights are best for going out in La Paz, where partying usually stars around 11 and goes on till wee hours. The hottest areas in the city include Sopocachi, Zora Sur, Calle jean and Sagarraga districts. The neighborhoods serve a banging nightlife that’s hard to imagine anywhere else while traveling in Bolivia! So check out some of the best neighborhoods to party in La Paz:

1. Sopocachi

Sochi neighborhood is one of the hippest areas in La Paz. In this neighborhood, you will find a nice mix of locals and travelers visiting Bolivia. Spot a place called Malegria, where every weekend, there is a variety of music to keep everyone dancing till sun-up. On Thursdays, they host an Afro- Bolivian dance party known as Saya, which generally starts around 10 and goes on throughout the night. With a coat check aptly- sized dance floor area, Malegria is one of the best night-out spots in La Paz. Just at a stone throw distance from Malegria is this place called Diesel Nacional. One of the most unique bars in La Paz, Diesel is appropriately named for its junkyard décor. The décor inside is unique with pieces of old trains, cars and airplanes placed all over. All in all, this nightspot in La Paz is nice to grab a few drinks with friends and just sink in the cool atmosphere. Also, in Sopocachi is La Paz's popular dance club named New Pa' Goza. The club usually plays electronic music and is a perfect spot to grab some beers or watch people dancing.

2. Calle Jean

In this historic area of Bolivia, you get to discover some of the best party spots in La Paz. One of the many nights out spots in this district is the Pena Marka Tambo. Marka Tambo is a traditional meeting place for musicians and artists, and is arguably one of the best night places in La Paz. Singers and Musicians perform everything from Bolivian folk music to enthusiastic folks of locals and tourists, thus tuning in well with people from all backgrounds. Indulge in the sumptuous traditional Bolivian food with exceptional music, energetic and charismatic atmosphere. Another great place is the Bocaisapo, a candlelit artistic bar that’s most dear to the Bolivian folks. The bar feature lives music with artists, musicians, and poets. Then, hidden in the side streets are dozens of discoveries and Penas, which are a delight to unwind. Almost every bar and club hosts live music or DJs, while serving as the best spot to interact with locals. All in all, nightlife of La Paz is best described with Calle Jean area!

3. Sagarnaga Street

This bustling strip of La Paz is located just south of Plaza San Francisco. The district is awash with a wide selection of dining and drinking options and is a buzzing place during the night time. Within this perpetually busy district lies a place called Café Sol Y Luna, a decent establishment spread over three floors and having a lot to offer to its customers. The place boasts a good range of cocktails and wines, some locally brewed beer as well as top-notch imported ones. With a great ambiance and plenteous drinks, a pool table, free wi-fi and live music on several nights, this place turns out to be a haven for night owls. One of the best places in Sagarraga Street is the Plaza San Francisco, which is a great place to find some more clubs and pubs to experience a banging nightlife.

It would be pretty difficult to understand the nightlife of La Paz, but once when you start experiencing it, you would be done with judging as you sink in the vibrant and ever-ceasing nightlife!

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