Top 3 Places to Party in Langkawi

Top 3 Places to Party in Langkawi

Top 3 Places to Party in Langkawi

Housing over a 100 isles and islets, Pulau Langkawi presents an alter ego to lush valleys, turquoise azure waters and infinite haggling in the market! The fact that this rugged beauty ornate with waterfalls, hot springs and green cloaked forest parks is still not developed to its maximum, makes it all the more charming and travel-worthy.

Nightlife in Langkawi consists of charming bars, clubs and lounges, that offer pretty much everything you need to make your nights worthwhile. Party in Langkawi means visiting a club, pub or a beach bar, listening to music, having a drink or two, and then joining a game of pool or darts. The district like Pantai Tanhai and Pantai Cenang are lined up banging bars and clubs whereas the district like Kuah hosts a more kind of a laid-back night; so the city has something for everyone. Top places to party in Langkawi are:

1. Pantai Tengah

If you are in this part of Langkawi, there's everything you need – dancing, drinking, pool tables, live music, and what not! Almost every local would suggest you the name of Pantai Tengah if asked about where to party in Langkawi. Let’s begin with Casbah Bistro Pub Lounge; located within the Aseania Resort, Casbah Bistro Club is one of those places that operates till wee hours in the morning. Featuring a live band, this place has decently priced drinks and makes up for being one of the best places to hang out at night in Langkawi. For those seeking an after party scene around 1-2 am, head to the Chill Out Bistro and Sports Bar, located at the beginning of Pantai Tengah. This place features live football games aired on a gigantic TV. Other than this, there are numerous bars and pubs to hit in this area, including names like One Love Reggae Bar, Budaba Bar, Sunba Retro Bar, Sun Karma Chillout Lounge. The Pantai Tengah district is not only a place to drink and dance but also one to relax and unwind.

2. Pantai Cenang

Pantai Cenang's nightlife is diverse and boasts an array of options, from Asian-styled bars to classy themed pubs. One of the best spots in this district is the Sun Deck, located in Bon Ton Resort. The establishment offers a satisfying selection of cocktails, wines, liquors and other drinks. The massive open-air seating area on a wooden platform surrounded by massive coconut and palm trees serves a lovely view and sure is a place to relax. Now another place is the D'Reef at the Cliff. The bar has a comfortable seating serving an array of beers, cocktails, wines and so much more. With a sophisticated setting and a huge menu, the place is great for laid-back evenings. And for more vibrant places, you can choose a place called Red Sky Restaurants and Bar. The place offers both Malaysian and western food including homemade delicacies too. This place is good if you are craving for delicious foods and drinks and chill with your friends. Now going a bit more top notch is the place called CBA at the Meritus Pelangi Beach resort. This place serves great drinks and food along with some gorgeous, panoramic views of Amanda Sea. There are many more options including the Kalut Beach Bar, Pelangi Lounge, La Sal Restro and bar.

3. Kuah

Kuah Town has more of a laid back nightlife rather than a thriving one. If you are one of those who prefer to enjoy quieter nights after a tough day, then Kuah is the place for you all. One of the places that would help you to relax is the Breeze Lounge. The place is ever ready with a wide range of drinks and is a perfect place for a night of boozes and pals. Drinks are a bit pricey, but the splendid ambiance is worth spending a bit more. Cappuccino House bar is another breezy bistro with an indoor setting and is also one of those places that run up until the late hours. The large flat screen TV and reasonably priced beers together make up for a perfect night to chill. And if Karaoke is your thing, then choose this place called Woodpecker Lounge. Enjoy Cool Beverages while singing to the tunes of the resident band or spend the night singing to your favorite songs.

Nightlife in Langkawi is like a platter of different cuisines, as the city has everything from quieter options to more hip and banging ones!

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