Top 3 Places to Party in Lagos

Top 3 Places to Party in Lagos

Top 3 Places to Party in Lagos

The city of Lagos is a tourist destination in Portugal where you can just sit and look at the beach views for hours and hours at stretch! Drinking and good times continue to be a fundamental part of a visit to Lagos and local fests and fiesta stand as a testament to this. With its golden sand beaches and impeccable vistas, the city becomes an epitome of beauty. But this same city turns into a lively Portuguese town at night when hedonists and revelers cover the scene. Not only are the streets in Lagos lined up with bars and clubs, but the beaches in the city also know how to treat night owls at sundown!

The bars and clubs in Lagos are pretty versatile catering the needs of each and everyone. You could be the one to prefer a quiet and calm night or you would want to dance your heart out, Lagos will surely not disappoint anyone. Check out some of the best neighborhoods to party in Lagos:

1. Meia Praia Beach

Let's admit it! Cool breezes and soft sand is just perfect, but adding more to this area, sitting on this beautiful beach are some of the beautiful and stylish beach bars in Lagos! There are a lot of choices in and around this area, one of the best one being Bahia Beach Bar, a stylish beach bar that’s a great place to relax and enjoy drinks and sumptuous food. Bahia is renowned for its live music and top quality bands. Duna Beach Club is another great choice, which in the moonlight, transforms into a trendy bar, where resident and guest DJs keep the party going on till the early hours of dawn. Some more choices to choose from include, Restaurant bar Atlantico, Bar Quim, Alma café Linda's bar and many more.

2. Rua Lancorate de Freitas

If you want to experience the hippest nightlife in Lagos, Rua Lancorate de Freitas would be the best area! This neighborhood plays home to a lot of party places, making it a haven for night crawlers. The Monkeys, a big favorite in Lagos, has it all from pool table, darts, to big screen TVs; Monkey leaves nothing but boredom. Then comes the show stealers- Bar's DJ and wild drinks, making this bar a great place to have a ball with friends. Another highlight of this area is The Tavern, which is known for its spacious rooms to dance and party,and is most popular for its friendly staff. Next up is the Mellou loco bara, run by two surfing brothers, and is a banging night bar. With pool, darts and great cocktails, this is the place that would please the night owls. The list of bars goes on and on with some more bars and clubs including, Casa do Prego, Tropical Lounge, Peppers, The Garden and Luisol Bar.

3. Rua Candido dos Reis

With music failing to cease and the drinks going on and on, Rua Candido dos Reis manages to put a halt to your busy lifestyle. Known to be the best area to party in Lagos if you want to go crazy all night, this neighborhood is replete with upscale bars and clubs. First one up is Inside Out; the rule here is to go early and enjoy the drink specials, maybe a game of pool or one of their legendary fishbowls, and then gradually watch this place turn into a dance party all night. Then comes the Red Eye bar, a popular watering hole that’s sells like hot buns from 8 pm to 2 am, and is a cool place to have a fiesta with your pals. Make friends with fellow travelers and hang out playing early pool and darts or watch the most fun thing, the sky sports! And if you are seeking a place to hang out with your soul mate, Rosko’s bar in this area would serve as a great choice. The booth seating is popular with couples and groups chilling out and sharing jugs of drinks, and the place is most loved for its fantastic cocktails. The stylish vibe, great music, and great people make you stay until wee hours. There are also some more choices to choose from in this area including, baffle bar, Karma bar, Lounge bar, Piccadilly Cocktail Bar and Fastnet Bar.

When planning to visit Lagos, taking night pyjamas would be waste, as it’d be impossible to stay in your hotel rooms at night!

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