Top 3 Places to Party in Kusadasi

Top 3 Places to Party in Kusadasi

Top 3 Places to Party in Kusadasi

Being one of the most picked locations for a beach holiday in Turkey, Kusadasi sure gives you ample choices to party till dawn. No trip would be complete without witnessing The Turkish folk show, mesmerising into tunes of Turkish songs and their dances. The clubs showcase various forms of dance styles from across borders here like belly dancing, requisite lobster-red, a spoon drummer and many other styles. Ranked as one of the most attractive city of Aegean, you can try Turkish Raki for an add on to have the most of Turkey like a local. Most top-notch hotels host their preferred gala night for those who simply want to sip a glass of wine or two, stay in at the property, and relax after a tiring touristy day.

So if you are visiting the city and seeking some insane debauchery, try these top 3 picked up places for an electric night in Kusadasi:

1. Old Kusadasi

Old only by name, this neighbourhood in Kusadasi gives you boundless choices of all things modern and happening. A maze of eclectic streets filled with pubs, bars, restaurants playing live music, weekly jam sessions, the place is apt for you to go alone or with family and friends. The most frequented ones are open till wee hours like Some Where Else, Charlie’s place and Ex Club. For all those who love Karaoke nights can go to Sean’s Karaoke Bar, where they entertain you by some Turkish Music and dance plus some really friendly staff. For the tapping toes, it’s time to wear your dancing shoes on and dance your heart out at the grooving EDM music these places have to offer.

2. Bar Street

Boasting countless Irish Bars, The Bar Street is a neighbourhood in Kusadasi that has stone houses converted into bars and clubs, pulling in hordes of revellers from every nook and corner. Kusadasi Club is the biggest one in this street, along with other marvellous places to step in your foot like Hayal Kahvesi, Nicci Port, B 19, Harem Club, Lucca Bar and also Jack Daniel’s.

3. Ladies Beach

When the sun is setting down, prepare to hear the sound go up here. Parties on the Ladies beach is one of the hypes that live up to 100 marks, cool breezes, tranquillity, happy feet, loud music, DJ wars, drinks competition, and so much more! In fact, it would be right to say to that this one tops all the other places, as there’s nothing close to what you get here! Tranche, Martin’s Bar, Miracle Beach club, Limon bar, Hangover club are a few popular names here. Being close to the string of hotels, people from nearby resorts and hotels choose to come over by taking an evening stroll and getting lost in the party mode.

Whether you choose a beach party or something to try in the suburbs, these top 3 neighbourhoods host all options of Bars and clubs in Kusadasi for you. We saved your time from club hunting. Yay!

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