Top 3 Places to Party in Kuala Lumpur

Top 3 Places to Party in Kuala Lumpur

Top 3 Places to Party in Kuala Lumpur

Home to some of the most popular and iconic tourist attractions, the capital city of Kuala Lumpur is one of best travel destination in Malaysia. From boasting the gleaming skyscrapers, charming collection of locals, colonial essence architecture and of course, the profusion to a number of natural wonders, this is one place you can expect not to be bored in! The division of the place into a number of districts, with each one of them wearing their own definition of novelty makes Kuala Lumpur a city of many faces. This sultry capital of Malaysia, brimming with historic monuments, steel class skyscrapers, mega sized shopping malls, lush parks, bustling street markets and perfect night spots, there is almost always something new in the place. A city held in regard for the reverence of the ancient cultures and home to the most exciting contemporary-art and design scenes makes the place a wonderful spot for the art enthusiasts.

After having your day sorted in the embrace of the multi-hued culture of the place, the as the night dawns, the place takes up a whole new garb on! With the night-lights filling the street, the regions you might want to venture are mentioned in the list below:

1. Changkat

Known as the ultimate place to get down and get boozed up, Changkat is one place that caters to the party people and pub-faithful. Having everything you can need for your night out, Changkat is the living example of the fact the Malaysians love their nightlife, both the peaceful ones and the one with the parties, music and booze. Each bar in the region has its own speciality, right from the traditional English treats to the local fusion meals. Some of the most famous bars in the region include Havana Bar & Grill, Zion Club, The Rabbit Hole, Opium KL, The Whisky KL, Pisco Bar, Baan 26, The Green Man Pub & Restaurant, Avril Place, and Gypsy Bar. Alternatively, if you need live music along with some fine dine, the best options include never mine, the Rabbit Hole, No Black Tie and Rock Bottom.

2. Brickfields

Predominantly an Indian neighbourhood, Brickfields is one place that displays bright selections of spices, cloth and jewellery. Almost like a little Indian community in Malaysia, this is the place where you witness all the famous Indian foods and desserts to your heart's content. An exotic and ethnic neighbourhood, Brickfields is one place that gives you an experience no other neighbourhood in Kuala Lumpur can hold a candle to. Some of the most famous bars in the region include Supper Club, Metro Kitchen, Adventure Republic Pub & Bistro, Intown Pub, Royce Hotel International, WXYZ Bar, Zebra Cafe, Jamz Karaoke, Yum Seng Bar, Chicken Rice, The Party Bus and Zeta Bar. If you want the music to accompany your night, the best options include Veenuss Musical Bistro and Vogue Club.

3. Bangsar

Housing the largest cluster of hipster cafes in the region, Bangsar is one of the most affluent suburbs, making it a cosmopolitan area that is the home to most of the modern art, artisan places for the urban dweller and boutiques. Catering to niche tastes, this district in Kuala Lumpur is counted as one of the great hideouts for regulars and as a haven for cafe hoppers. The charm of the place is such that the area is brimming with the colloquial feelings as the tourists are not the ones the market caters to. The best bars in the region include Gridiron Sports Cafe & Lounge, Mantra Rooftop Bar and Lounge, SIX, Coley Cocktail Bar, Ronnie Q's, W.I.P Café & Restaurant, The Social, The X Bangsar, T Club Bar & Bistro Bangsar, Anno Domini Bar, Bilique Bar, Kegs & Corks Bar, Omakase + Appreciate and Bottlehaus.

To make sure your holiday nights are as good as you plan, make sure to explore the regions mentioned in the list!

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