Best Places to Party in Krakow

Best Places to Party in Krakow

Best Places to Party in Krakow

Krakow, an urban legend for bacchanals and booze-lovers, claims to have the maximum concentration of bars across the planet. The sheer number of places to grab a drink includes everything ranging from cavernous cellars high on the student crowd to shady corner bars heaving with bohemians, to swanky Cocktail bars serving all things fancy! The wide range of Polish vodkas can be a nightmare to miss!

From hitting the dance floor to sitting in peace at a live concert, Krakow hosts all kinds of partiers. So when partying across the city, try the top 3 places to party in Krakow:

1. Kazimierz

With a parallel name of Jewish Quarter, Kazimierz is a charming and cozy neighborhood in daylight that displays unfathomable bustle after dark. Those seeking an artistic climate full of non-generic party venues, this the best district in Krakow. The hipster-like area offers many lesser-known brew brands, themed parties, alternative band concerts and plenty of dancing. Fantastic street food and excellent local delicacies can be grabbed at any nook and corner. Price to party is not as steep as in the other touristy parts of Krakow. Alchemia, Absynt, le Scandale, Singer, Hamsa- these are some popular nightspots in Kazimierz.

2. Old Town

Practically, every historical building in the Old Town houses a cellar-based pub, club or a restaurant. With such an insane competition, most party places are open till 5 am in the morning, giving way to infinite after-partying. Disco, jazz, rock, house, folk, reggae- every music buff can locate his taste in this district in Krakow. Baccarat is a faddish and ambitious nightclub in the area, seriously large and insanely overloaded woth alcohol variety. Black Gallery is a quirky, hidden garden that puts the obvious nightspots in Krakow to shame with its live music and blue kamikaze shots. Then there is Movida Cocktail Bar for the high-browed and hanky-panky ones, where the staff concocts slurpy mixes to excite your taste buds!

3. Szewska

For hardcore hedonists who aren’t familiar with the idea of sleeping at night, the buzzing street of Szewska demands an inevitable visit. Home to the greatest Krakow nightclubs of all times, this up and coming street never seems to rest! Shaker’s Club, an offbeat cellar offers a relaxed lounge-like feel with a dance-floor in the same premises. Frantic, a highly sought after nightspot in Krakow hosts about 500 revelers in a night! The Goraczka Freak Club, like its name, will drive you crazy with the pounding tunes.

One man’s reggae is another dude’s disco. So choose your dope and party Krakow style! You would literally want the sun to never come up!