Top 3 Places to Party in Kolkata

Top 3 Places to Party in Kolkata

Top 3 Places to Party in Kolkata

Kolkata, more dearly known as Calcutta, is undeniably the cultural capital of the nation. And with that, of course, comes its intimate yet thriving nightlife scene. Like most mega cities of India, Kolkata bears a decent party scene after sundown; however, the 2010 nightlife curfew dampened the revelling vibe for a while. Nevertheless, you would find comeback fairly phenomenal, just make sure to not compare it with Mumbai or Delhi! The number and variety of venues after dusk are soaring, making Kolkata grow on the middle ground of mainstream pubs. Exhibiting a variety of music styles from reggae, blues, hip hop and disco to Remixed Bhangra and Hindi pop, nightlife in Kolkata draws in hordes of revellers on weekends.

Having said that, if you are giving this culturally endowed city a visit, checkout the following list for a night as promising as the day. Here we have the top 3 places to party in Kolkata:

1. Park Street

The most obvious for locals and frequent tourists, Park Street is replete with nightclubs, lounges and bars to set your night on gear. This eminent entertainment and commercial hub of Kolkata was originally called Mother Teresa Sarani. Hosting a large number of hotels, shopping malls, restros and night clubs, Park Street lets you indulge in a night time experience that’s as rocking as the day. A Street that never sleeps, the greatest attraction here is the Park Hotel, housing not 1 but 4 insanely amazing nightlife spots! Tantra- a stylish lounge bar and club, Roxy- a sophisticated cocktail bar boasting excellent booze and cigars, Aqua- a classy bar right next to the pool, and Someplace Else- a rather English-style pub featuring varied live music every night- all of this under one roof! Then there is Top DJs: M Bar Kitchen, tucked away down an alley off Park St., boasting all things tipsy over its 26ft. long bar!

2. Salt Lake

This posh residential and educational hub of Kolkata is a dear friend to all the party animals too. Whether you wish to geek out your day behind the books, or indulge in next level debauchery and splurge, Salt Lake gives you all the opportunities. To begin with an offbeat and delicious option, we have Azad Hind Dhaba, a surreal setup of a Punjabi village boasting servings in earthen pots and bamboo sticks! The place is ideal for the always hungry ones, who wouldn’t mind Chole Bhature even at 2am! Then we have Jabbrr Afgani, a gourmand’s spot featuring unparalleled Biryani and Rolls. For those seeking some booze and booty shake, Pour house is a new addition to the top list, besides 10 Downing St., a popular franchise running through all the main cities of India.

3. Theater Road

Or better known as Shakespeare Sarani, is as dramatic as the name suggests. Running across the Central Business District of Kolkata, this high street area of the city exhibits restaurants and lounges of classy stature. Frequented by professionals and bureaucrats in the daytime, this neighbourhood pulls in the elite class of Calcutta to revel all night. To begin with, Nocturne, a chilling out spot under the dark skies, is vastly flocked by the partying youngsters of the city. Its café in the basement is well ornate with Hookah, while the dance floor and lounge are stationed right above it. Then there is Phoenix, a famous lounge featured by the Astor Hotel, serving excellent Asian, Continental and North Indian cuisines. But above everything else, there’s Club Boudoir, a Dubai brand that has debuted in Kolkata from this very street.

Now that you have enough to try on your plate, make sure you keep your weekends free for all the fun!

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