Top 3 Places to Party in Koh Samui

Top 3 Places to Party in Koh Samui

Top 3 Places to Party in Koh Samui

Enchanting seascapes, delicious gastronomical delights and an internationally party scene, the gorgeous atoll of Thailand, Koh Samui serves as the best party destination in the world! Known to host the best sundowner activities in the entirety of Asia, the island's full moon parties are legendary and attract visitors from far and wide.

What’s most interesting part Koh Samui's Nightlife is its degree of variety it presents forth to Thailand travelers, ranging from disco and beer bars to classic gourmet restaurants. Whether it's the hippy nightlife of Chaweng or the laid-back atmosphere of Bophut, in Koh Samui, nightlife is like a platter of various cuisines. So check out the best places to party in Koh Samui:

1. Chaweng

Chaweng's nightlife scene has a lot to entertain the most enthusiastic party hunters. The place is lively in the daytime with lots of attractions, but turns all the more ravishing after dark. One of the clubs and bars the district hosts is the Ark Bar. With a lively beachfront setting that offers Punter's food, drinks, the Ark is the perfect place for night crawlers. The 150m wide venue hosts DJ’s latest mixes and sets a chill out groove to rock and roll. Another place to hit during the night hours in this area includes the Soi Green Mango; loud and brash, but perfect for those who like to end up their nights dancing and singing. If you are willing to splurge out a little more, do not miss this place called Bar Solo, an ultra modern two- story building that has a cool sleek interior and an alfresco terrace seating, as well as a pool table and six plasma scenes showing major sports events. Bar solo is a great option to start your night out and take advantage of Half- priced cocktails if you hit the bar before 10. Some other options in this district are the Moon Beach Club, On Street Bar, Thai Boxing and Soi Reggae. And if you are in for a show, try the Paris Follies Cabaret.

2. Lamai

The Lamai nightlife scene offers a great choice of night entertainment opportunities. Being the second most popular resort town in Samui Island, the beach hosts an impressive number of bars and clubs. One of the best places includes Central Lamai Beer Bars Plaza, hosting a dozen beer bars and also many dancing clubs. And if you are looking for a more sophisticated setting, head to the Swing Bar, a big beachside affair with swing chairs and low tables facing the beach of Lamai. In here, enjoy the wide range of drinks while watching nightly fire dances. The place is also great for enjoying a fine dinner with your legs sliding in the soft sands. Also, another place in Lamai is the Lava Lounge, which is known for its loud music and an insane menu of cocktails. Atmospherically the bar is lit too, with lava lamps around and bamboo sofas, making sure that there something for everyone. The Lamai beach also has many more places and spots to serve in the late hours such as Beer Bar central, Samui Shamrock, Samui Rock Bar, Ocean Club, Soi Mcdonalds. Overall, the Lamai district itself explains why there's a lot to do in Koh Samui's Nightlife.

3. Bophut

Far from Lamai and Chaweng, Bophut serves a laid-back atmosphere. If you want to get out from the current hustle and bustle and need some time to unwind, this is the place. One of the best places to chill in Bophut is Coco Tam, an extremely fun and popular beach bar with beanbags, swing seats and a large projector screen that can't seem to get any better! The spot is much of an open-air arrangement and is perfect for quieter nights. Another beach bar is Son F Beach, which is also a very popular one in Bohput. This bar is a hipster-style one and hosts special party nights. Then there is Gecko Bar, Koh Samui's most musically astute bar in a Bali side beach setting. The bar also hosts Full Moon Warm Up party and the resort to get revelers over to Koh Phangan afterwards. All in all, the Bophut beach is one of the best districts and the nightlife of Koh Samui cannot be described without taking this heavenly district into account.

Nightlife of Koh Samui is pretty varied and, hence, is capable of showing up a good time to anyone who goes there!

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