Best Places to Party in Kiev

Best Places to Party in Kiev

Best Day Trips from Kiev

Despite Ukraine’s relentless battle with war and peace in the past, the capital city of Kiev has managed to persevere all this adversity. A cosmopolitan wonder with a headstrong culture, a striving populace and an indelible spirit of hope, Kiev turns out to be a place equal parts worth travelling and living! A largely graceful city stashed in 20th and 21st century horror, Kiev beholds pockets full of cool and hip. With locals surviving whatever plight comes to them, this city becomes an absolute visit!

The Ukrainian capital is making noise for its legendary nightlife! Recently gone through a cultural makeover, Kiev is now an epitome of urban art, 24-hour parties, and unique cafe. Kiev has successfully transitioned into being a hip trendy place overnight. With luxurious nightclubs, rich Russians, and the fact that it is relatively a lot cheaper than the more known parts of Europe. Make sure you are dressed to the nines here or you they might refuse entry. However, it can be a little tricky to navigate the party scene here. So, following are some of the neighbourhoods where it’s guaranteed that you will find whatever your scene is. Top places to party in Kiev are:

1. Arena City

In the heart of Kiev lies this large entertainment complex. As far as the nightclub scene in Kiev goes, Arena City emerges as the front runner with enough number of clubs and bars inside it. This king of clubs is situated next to the Bessarabski Market and is recommended for anyone who is dying to experience the infamous Ukrainian nightlife. Inside the four storey architecturally stylish complex, there are multiple entertainment options for everyone including clothing boutiques, dessert stores, cafes, sushi bar, casinos, bars, and world-class nightclubs. While it’s a little pricier than your average Ukrainian clubs, it surely makes the experience worth it. The most popular club of the city- Skybar is also located here. With a unique ambience, breathtaking panoramic view, and unbelievably beautiful people dancing on the floor makes it the most desirable place in the Arena. For a pre-booze scene head to ‘The Bar’ for just chilling with your friends.

2. Podil

One of the oldest districts in Kiev, Podil is a quaint part of the city with beautiful pre-soviet architecture, beautiful monuments, and some XII century churches. A vibrant and vivacious area, Podil has managed to retain its original charm and if you want to experience the true Kiev culture, then it is just the place to start with! The cosy and lush green streets are dotted with a number of bars, making it an ideal place to start a pub-crawl with your crew. Start with S34, known for its laid back ambience that offers good old beer. For daring cocktail lovers Pink Freud is the best where you can find any cocktail matching to your preferences.

3. Khreschatyk

The most visited street of Kiev, Khreschatyk is situated in Central Kiev, thus becoming the epicentre of the city. On weekends and public holidays, this well-trodden street really comes alive with musicians, concerts, and live performers closing the incoming traffic too. Every weekend here is like a joyous carnival with everyone coming together and partying the night away. The main attraction in Khreschatyk is The Monument of Independence and Independence Square, where all the action takes place on weekends, whether it’s a concert of a demonstration, it’s always jam packed. One of the oldest and hugely popular and the only Latin nightclub, Caribbean Club is located right in this district! From dance classes to wild parties, you can rely on it for some good time. For some insane underground music scene, head to Art Club 44 which also doubles as a gallery before parties on weekends!

Kiev’s nightlife is always on roll. So, take advantage of your guide and make every night count.