Top 3 Places to Party in Key West

Top 3 Places to Party in Key West

Top 3 Places to Party in Key West

The southernmost point of America, Key West is a bustling seaside town that lets you indulge in some serious tete-a-tete with nature! Famed for its beaches and bars, Key West is like a tropical paradise where beautiful pastel hued homes reside. Fans of the great American novelist Ernest Hemingway rejoice as this is where he lived and wrote some of his best works; you are most welcome to check out the author’s home and museum. A city of contradictions, Key West has literary festivals, sophisticated galleries, and artful architecture at one side, and debauchery in its umpteen bars, nightclubs, and college students passed out on streets on the other!

Yes it’s true that this is one of the top party towns in America, unarguably leaving behind even Miami and Orlando now! So, make sure you have time for bar crawl when you visit and you must start with the neighbourhoods mentioned below to make the best of it:

1. Duval Street

Duval Street is the epicentre of awesome in Key West. This popular stretch of mile attracts millions of visitors from around the globe for its infamous nightlife. Whether you need to shop, eat, or drink, Duval Street is the place to be. This area never fails to play host to numerous festivals of Key West such as the food and wine fest or adult-only Halloween Fest, there is and always will be a party here. They don’t call it Duval Crawl for nothing! Lined with dozens of watering holes, this area is what makes Key West famous for its epic nightlife. Start with Green Parrot Bar which is voted as the best local watering hole in the country and or dance the night away at Rick’s Bar, one that’s a combination of 8 different bars!

2. Historic Seaport

Once a hub of economic and marine activities, Historic Seaport has now been developed to provide an unlimited range leisure activities. Today, this charming area is a pleasant blend of old and new. While maintaining its beautiful waterfront view, Historic Seaport has plethora of attractions for everyone including shopping, water sports activities, and restaurants serving Cuban and fresh sea food, as well as plenty of iconic bars. The area is crowded day and night with day trippers and locals. Take a tour of turtle museum or visit Key West’s first legal rum distillery and enjoy a free tasting. The options are truly diverse! For night time entertainment, visit Schooner Wharf Bar, where you can enjoy a pint of cold beer while watching ships come and go. Or, to enjoy great sunset, try the Sunset Tiki Bar, a place that allows you to relax on the docks while listening to tropical music.

3. Mallory Square

You haven’t really experienced Key West until you visit the famous Mallory Square! It is exactly the place where back in 1800’s, goods from ships were loaded and unloaded and where citizens would gather and gossip to exchange the daily happenings. Many decades later, everything is the same, except now this place is lined with numerous retail shops, restaurants, museums, and bars. Famous for its nightly sunsets parties where everyone is invited to partake in the viewing of the glorious orange-pink sunset over the Gulf Of Mexico, and enjoying the cultural show of jugglers, performers, psychics, musicians, artists, food vendors, and anyone of any talent or service to provide. For happy hours, great food, and karaoke head to Two Friends Patio Restaurant.

Get ready to fill up your gallery with the best vacation selfies! Experience the America’s greatest party town irrespective of what everyone thinks and enjoy some of the best bars where likes of Ernest Hemingway had dined and drank!

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