Top 3 Places to Party in Jakarta

Top 3 Places to Party in Jakarta

Top 3 Places to Party in Jakarta

Characterized by a lavish living style of the locals, the opulent and ever bustling Jakarta knows well how to party. Being the upmarket of a town that it is, plenty of partying opportunities present themselves at hand. The party crowd is mostly local, but due to the diverse cultures hanging out in the area, you and your travel partners would never out of place. Pubs and bars are at your service when it comes to satisfying the thirst for liquor.

With nightlife fun spread across the entire city, one needs to know the right places to avoid missing any of the fun. So check out these top 3 places to party in Jakarta:

1. South Jakarta

Lined up with many bars and lounges, the south portion of the city is where all the blingy and affluent expats hang out. This party district has many areas where the nightlife is concentrated, with people high on bank balance flooding the most to Senopati. Paying homage to restaurants and clubs airing live music, madness gets top notch here. Amidst all this pomp and show, those looking for a cheap night out, Blok M is the place to party in Jakarta. Easily accessible by cabs, you can never get lost here. The Aston Hotel is a premier lounge, where top jazz musicians perform to create a surreal ambience. Searching for wining and dining experience with your better half, go to Bottega Ristorante, a place specializing mainly in Italian cuisines ad a romantic aura.

2. North Jakarta

Being no less than South Jakarta, this historical part of the town has in store combos of entertainment and relaxation. Characterized by bars, karaoke sing-alongs and massage parlours, the northern face of Jakarta has small segments of entertainment centres. A very popular red light district among tourists, people low on budget and thirsting for party visit this region The Ancol Beach fashions live music cafes by the sea. Pantai Indah Kapuk is the trending area of northern district, lined up with a fleet of restaurants and cafes. Grogol is another party destination popular for dirty disco lovers. Long story short, people who are not fond of secluded party atmospheres and care to meet new and interesting folks will have a blast partying in the Northern District.

3. Central Jakarta

Although most of the nightlife is concentrated within the north and south ends of the city, Central Jakarta has got a part vibe of its own. Being the heart of the city, this is the most inhabited part of Jakarta. Plaza Indonesia e’X, situated right next to Grand Hyatt hotel, is the favourite place of the Indonesians for a night out. A cosmopolitan crowd with a wide range of liquor on offer surely brings a smile on the face of the saddest of souls. With a retro classical theme and a 15m long bar, Loewy Jakarta is one of the coolest bars in town.

So make sure you have strong hunger pangs, high spirit and heavy pocket when hitting places to party in Jakarta.

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