Top 3 Places to Party in Jaipur

Top 3 Places to Party in Jaipur

Top 3 Places to Party in Jaipur

The city of Jaipur is known for its exemplary heritage sights and forts following a rich culture and tradition; and its numerous forts, temples, and palaces explain why! But in the past couple of years, Jaipur has evolved itself into a party district with numerous party and late night spots.

You will find various options to choose from for the perfect party in Jaipur, with a lot of energy stored in its street life! Check out the best areas to party in Jaipur:

1. C Scheme

C scheme is referred to as the central area of Jaipur and is home to some of the most buzzing nightspots of the city. From cozy bars to beautiful rooftops, the area is one of the best nightlife districts in Jaipur. First up is a place called Jai'pour Café and Bar. Showcasing the white and blue European theme, the Jai'pour café and bar is one of the favorites among the Jaipurites. The rooftop café gives the vibes of sitting in Greece with its subtle ambience. The hangout spot is perfect for those who are looking for various drinking options. Another much frequented and famous spot is Steam. This place is located in one of the most prestigious properties of India let alone Jaipur, the Taj Rambagh Palace. Very appropriate to its name, the Steam is modeled as a Steam engine and when you are inside it, it makes you feel as if you are actually inside a steam engine. The décor is themed after an Old Victorian styled railway station. You get the best Italian and Lebanese food of the town served here with some of the sumptuous drinks on the menu. And if you are looking to dance the night away, then you can head over to this place called Blackout. This one’s has become a popular choice among thrill-seeking youngsters. The elegant dance floor and banging music makes it a haven for dancers. You can even choose to sit at the rooftop lounge and enjoy a wide range of exotic drinks and sumptuous dishes on the menu. There are some more options to choose from such as WTF, 100% Rock, Henry's Pub and Chill Goza.

2. Lal Kothi/ Tonk road

Lal Kothi is referred to as the educational hub of Jaipur which comes with the fact that the district is loaded with youngsters all day long! Here, you get some of the best restaurants and clubs in the city. One of the places in this area is Stardust, a rooftop spot and offers some of the best views of the city. With a great ambience, the place suits every type of clientele. Also, another banging place is the House of People (HOP), which is known for its lively vibe and suits partiers who’re always in a mood to dance and drink. The spot is known for its great food and also for its exotic drinks menu. Besides these, there are many more places in Lal Kothi like Papparrazi, Café Bae. And as you move further, you come across one of the most developed areas of the city, the Tonk road, where you will find a lot of partying options too.

3. Malviya Nagar

Malviya Nagar area is one of the most developed areas of Jaipur and attracts a buzzing crowd from the city. Being home to two of the major shopping centers of the city- GT and World Trade Park, the place is a heaven for the young blood of the city. GT lets you enjoy the street life of Jaipur, boasting some of the best street foods. After that, you can head to some of the nightlife zones of the area, which includes this place called 3D Resto and Lounge. The Interiors here are rich with cool décor and lightening. The food particularly is very delicious and parties here go past midnight when the DJ rules the console and spins some electrifying remixes. To introduce beer culture in the city, Beerilicious is a fun stress buster for both friends and family. With live music and performances, the place is perfect for a night out. Another newest place is the Youniverse, which is also a rooftop area and has one of the widest range of drinks to choose from. There are plenty of options to choose from such as Teaquilla, Skywaltz Café, Tableau and Grunch.

Evolved as a party district in past some years, Jaipur's nightlife serves each and every kind of clientele!

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