Top 4 Places to Party in Istanbul

Top 4 Places to Party in Istanbul

Top 4 Places to Party in Istanbul

Thanks to the rough past of the place, Istanbul today is a concourse of a wide plethora of cultures, with each neighbourhood having an ideology of its own. Counting from the traditional neighbourhoods where you can be called out on wearing a skirt to the ultra hip and uber-modern places brimming with boutiques, art galleries, restaurants, and bars, Istanbul lands to be a paradox in terms of a city.

To explore the place after sun-down, here are the neighbourhoods that should be an integral part of your list to party in Istanbul:

1. Taksim Square

Located in the heart of Istanbul, Taksim square is the most famous city in the vicinity. With excellent network of transportations and the fame with the people, it is only fair for it to be the epicentre of the plethora of best bars, night clubs and movie theatres in the region. For the people who are looking for a luxurious night ahead, some of the most flooded options include the Marmara Taksim and Class Taksim Bar. For the crowd looking and seeking some local and foreign brands of liquor, the major attractions include U2 Istanbul Irish Pub, James Joyce Irish Pub and the Haspar Bar. And if you endeavour to dance the night away, the to-go places are Rıddım Club, Taksim Karaoke Bar, Taksim Club IQ and Nardis Jazz Club.

2. Moda

Located in the Asian side of Istanbul, Moda is generally foregone of the credit it deserves. The truth if seen by the eyes, will make you want to take a ferry ride from other side of the city. The town has retained its local charms without an iota of pretence in its nerves. With the growth of the young entrepreneurs the place has now spurted a number of cafes, restaurants, bars, and shops. After taking a long relaxing walk on the Moda beach in the evening head off to one of the bars in the place. Some of the major bars include Dublin Irish Pub, Zeplin, Ayı and Sword Shot Bar.

3. Arnavutköy

Perched on the position of the heart of the nightlife of Istanbul, Arnavutköy is a posh neighbourhood known for its Ottoman waterfront mansions and fish restaurants. After spending the day admiring the beauty of the architecture on the streets and observing the beautiful neighbourhoods right by glittering water, you can end up in one of the many options you have to spend your night. Some of the most famous bars in the vicinity include Alexandra Cocktail Bar, Kirazlı, Motto lounge bar and Şımarık Bar. Some of the renowned restaurants include Luzia, Fotini, Hanımeli Balık Restaurant and İstanbulleziz Restoran. You can also choose a nightclub among Şirin Baba, Hhj and Hutupis.

4. Karaköy

Located in close proximity by the waterside, Karaköy was initially one of the city's major ports, which deteriorated in value after a while. The neighbourhood started to reinvent itself in 2012, today is home to a profusion of cafes, restaurants and bars for the people to visit. One of the most famous in the list is Karaköy Lokantası running houseful almost all round the year. Some of the famous bars include Finn Karaköy, Kapı Karaköy, Nest and Marjo. The list of fine restaurants includes Andrea Karaköy, Dersaadet Cafe, Dentro and Kat restaurant. The list of nightclubs includes fossil Karaköy, Drone Karaköy and Nardis Jazz Club.

So drenched in history and brimming with energy, a night spent in Istanbul will give you an experience to carry along for life time!

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