Best Places to Party in Innsbruck

Best Places to Party in Innsbruck

Best Day Trips from Innsbruck

In Austria’s Tyrol region lies the extremely picturesque town of Innsbruck, a much-loved winter weekend getaway and a University town. Offering the most incredible vistas of meadow-scapes, Innsbruck is a concourse of culture, impeccable cuisine and a lively bar scene. Hosting an array of young partiers, Innsbruck is a light-hearted party district compared to Vienna.

So if you are traveling through the Tyrolean capital and seeking some nocturnal fun, try the top 2 places to party in Innsbruck:

1. Old Town

Like every European city’s Old Town, Innsbruck Altstadt is also a tiny district packed with robust medieval architecture and pastel colored spires, the ones supported by sloping buttresses. The main street of this area feels as if you live in the era of knights and ancient merchants. Monuments like the Imperial Palace, Folk Art Museum and the Imperial Chapel boast the rich past of the Alpine city. The vaulted taverns and authentic beer gardens of this neighborhood draw many friendly locals and avid tourists over freshly tapped brews and jovial conversations. Across the Hofburg stands Landestheater, a 150-year old building popular for its opera and theatrical shows. For serious cocktail binge, bars like Erlkonig, Moustache and Lichtblik Gastro are quite popular.

2. Viaduktbögen

A 5 minute walk from the Old Town brings you to the reveling street of Viaduktbogen. The night scene usually hits the buzz from 1 am to 6 am in the morning. Party along the railway arches in harboring pubs and or catch some live music in one of the swanky bars here. The upscale Hofgarten café and Weekender Club pulls in many smarty pants who love to party in style. Then there are easy-going hangouts like The Plateau, The Titty Twister, The Babalon and Down Under Bar. Unlike the summer party destinations of Europa, the streets of Innsbruck get specially crowded in the winter months of December to March, with international skiers invading the lands.

Folk Music is high on the locals’ music taste. Authentic Tyrolean instruments like Zither, harp and alphorn are performed at Messe Saal and Gasthaus Sandwirt. Other than that, nightlife in Innsbruck is well surfed by gamblers at Spiel Casino. For those averse to loud, pretentious nightclubs, there is way too much in Innsbruck. Simply retire to a Beer Garden to catch a Brass Band yodeling. Most of the Innsbruck restaurants also offer melodious live gigs to stay up late.