Top Places to Party in Houston, Texas

Top Places to Party in Houston, Texas

Top Places to Party in Houston, Texas

There's nothing called like a dull night in Houston! This city in Texas is known for its plenteous Museums, science centers and the likes! But once the sun goes down, the city turns into one of the hippest places of U.S.

While exploring Nightlife of Houston, leave your preconceived notions at the door. Each and every neighborhood has its own party going on in the after-hours. Try include some of the best neighborhoods to party in Houston in your itinerary:

1. Downtown

If you are looking for the liveliest place in the Houston for an after party, then Downtown is the one! This lively district in Houston has grown into one of the best and hippest nightspots of the town. The clubs and bars in this area are exceptional, offering countless cocktails, drinks and snacks. 806 Lounge is one of the renowned lounges in Houston that offers extraordinary cocktails. The place has a sophisticated setting but is a lively place. Another great spot is the MKT bar, tucked to the side of a grocery market in the Downtown, so one can safely assume that the drinks and food are always fresh and pocket-friendly. If you are in a mood to dance till you drop, head to The Nightingale Room. The place is a medium between a bar and a nightclub, with a dance floor and a laid-back setting. With a great selection of local beers and wines, The Nightingale is a hot spot to unwind. Then, for those who prefer a vintage night out, try Reserve 101, which is a whiskey bar that shines for its amiable bartenders and services. This nightspot functions on ‘Perfection is the key’, when it comes to drinks and cocktails. Lastly, if you seek a romantic night, The Honeymoon Café and bar is the spot. Everything would seem yummy and cute here. The place is lit, with a romantic decor and delicious French toasts.

2. Uptown and Galleria

The Galleria area offers a lot of activities from Karaoke clubs to dancing bars. This area in Houston attracts the creamy layer of the city and serves a posh nightlife to its visitors. One of the best choices here is The Belvedere. Ideal for people watching, you get to see young attractive people who are very sharply dressed. On Thursday nights, this club gives you the Miami feels, with Latina music playing and people enjoying Salsa. But if you are into rock, The Concert Ub Galleria is the place. Hosting rock music and metal tribute acts, on some nights you will also find this place playing cover tracks, and 80's and 90's music is obviously being played in rotation. This is one of the hippest places in Houston, where people around you won't mind if you go a bit lose or rowdy. Next one is the Firehouse Lounge, featuring weekly performances from musicians, including solo artists and bands. If you are a music aficionado, this place will sure turn out to be a haven for you. You can choose to watch the performances from above or get down on the dance floor, in any case you’ll have the time of your life! In the Galleria, other choices to go out at night include the Muldoon, Dave and Busters, the Richmond Arms and many more. Overall, Uptown is the best neighborhood to party at night.

3. Museum district

The museum district, though, has a reputation of being a tourist alcove, but once the sun goes down, this neighborhood turns into one of the liveliest places in Houston. If you are looking for a neighborhood to let some steam off, trust the Museum District. If you are one of those who hate staying in, Axelrad is your calling! This place is more of a beer garden and is a great spot for beer-lovers. With an alfresco seating and a rotating selection of food trucks, it hosts a variety of music performances. And if you are a ‘shake your booty’ lover and don’t mind dancing till 4 in the morning, then Bar 5015 will treat you right. Watch out for Tuesday nights, as the bar hosts an insanely popular steak night and is a hot spot for Houston locals. There are various more choices to choose from including Pax Americana, Grand Prize bar and many more.

In Houston, you can keep no count on the night out spots. So choose what goes well for you and hit it right!

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