Top 3 Places to Party in Hong Kong

Top 3 Places to Party in Hong Kong

Top 3 Places to Party in Hong Kong

One of the Asia’s most vibrant, decadent, and luxurious city, Hong Kong is tantamount to La Dolce Vita! The lively city refuses to settle down even after the sun retires for the day, and instead shows its carefree face when loud locals and expats take to the road and go looking for the next hotspot to chill or dance the night away! With it providing a dizzying array of wonderful options, one cannot help but be seduced by the city. From rooftop bars to sidewalk cafes and trendy nightclubs, to the bustling night markets, ballet performances and even thrilling horse racing, Hong Kong will never disappoint you.!

Therefore, check out the following areas for the best places to party in Hong Kong and see how the bold and beautiful of Hong Kong spend their nights:

1. Lan Kwai Fong

The best nightlife in Hong Kong undoubtedly takes place in the Lan Kwai Fong, situated in Central Hong Kong. Formed like a rectangle with more than 80 restaurants, bars, and clubs crammed in it, LKF has rightly earned itself a title of ‘Party Central’. Every night of the week, the street goes up to the hilt with locals and gringos trotting the narrow alley to look for the next hip place or enjoy plethora of happy hour offers. The best thing about this tourist-trodden street is that you can find smallest of bar or eatery on every floor, nook, corner or even a watering hole here! With umpteen pubs and clubs headlined by internationally famous DJ’s, LKF caters to all. The legendary and most popular club Volar, famous for its seriously cool dance music scene is also located here. Another famous joint is Stormies, where revellers spill out in streets outside and enjoy their night and it also serves some delicious and freshly caught seafood in restaurant upstairs. Every night is like a carnival in LKF and is a haven for anyone looking for a good time!

2. Soho

A part of the central district, Soho take its name from its location South of Hollywood road. This chic and vibrant side of central is filled with multicultural wine and dining options. The narrow alleys are packed with fancy restaurants, antique stores, art galleries, hip nightclubs, and other elegant soiree alternatives. A pleasant blend of Chinese and colonial architecture with a dash of modernity, the area features the longest escalator in the world. Its bustling nightlife also draws a more sophisticated crowd of expats and locals, and is known for being more upmarket than its counterpart LKF. The food here ranges from being dirt cheap to extremely expensive, with incredibly tasty cuisines are available from all corners of the world. The PLAY nightclub in Soho is where you can see all the fashionable elites of Hong Kong and it has also seen DJ’s like Skrillex, Afrojack and Ciara making audience dance to their tunes. For a cosy evening, visit Varga lounge and enjoy high quality beverages there in a romantic atmosphere.

3. Kowloon

Chaotic, gritty, and mischievous, Kowloon is nicknamed to be the ‘dark side’ of Hong Kong despite being lit up by thousands of neon lights. But once you get to visit it and know about it a bit, you will be able to see its friendly side and may fall in love with the organised chaos that Kowloon is. The crowd here is lot different than the polished expats found strutting on the other side. Visit its lively night markets or sing your heart out in karaoke, or maybe go for a ferry ride to see Hong Kong at night, the options are endless to have an adventurous night. For an ultimate dizzying experience, visit OZONE Rooftop Bar- one of the ‘highest bars in the world’ at Ritz Carlton Hotel, where you can enjoy the bird’s eye view of the city while sipping on your favourite cocktail or dance till sun comes up in Love Da Cafe, an underground club over an Industrial Warehouse.

The options are endless and quite confusing too. But don’t worry since you have our shortlisted places to check out on your trip to Hong Kong. Bon Voyage!

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