Best Places to Party in Helsinki

Best Places to Party in Helsinki

Best Day Trips from Helsinki

The moderately sized Finnish capital of Helsinki seems low-key and reserved at first. But one night out in the city and you will witness a whole new, chirpy avatar of the Finns. With effortlessly unrestrained Helsinki Nightlife Districts sprawled evenly across the land, you will find a great bar just around the corner.

From classy cocktail preferences to sweaty rock shows, to the most insane dance parties, take your pick in these top 3 places to party in Helsinki:

1. Kamppi

To the southwest of the city centre, the district of Kamppi is fraught with bars and clubs, mostly around Uudenmaankatu and Eerikinkatu. Helsinki’s bustling gay nightlife is so replete; you can practically crawl between the various nightclubs. Plan a night out at Corona Bar & Billiards, a very popular place to hang out as you try a hand at Pool along with some small bites and a beer. Then there is A21 Cocktail Lounge for absolute alcohol freaks; the place has been awarded by ‘World’s Best Bars’ as an ‘Expert Choice’.

2. Kallio

The often gritty, but up and coming east side of Helsinki is the latest boho district of Kallio. Restrobars being the most faddish concept in Helsinki Nightlife, Finns love to hit the places that offer impeccable food in the daytime and great booze and music as the night wears on. The neighborhood along the main square Hameentie encompasses Kaiku, Kuudes Linja and Siltanen. Bacchanals who prefer the easy, hipster style of partying are in full swing in Kallio, especially during the weekends. Unlike the upscale city centre area, Kallio got a facelift after pulling in a young and diverse population. Besides the buoyant nightlife, Kallio hosts a bunch of trendy cafes, boutiques and brunch spots.

3. Vantaa

Finns boast an eccentric custom of outdoor dancing- open air dances fill this area stationed very close to the airport during summers. What’s best about Vantaa is that partying is not a ‘weekend affair only’ here. DJ parties, pool parties, trance festivals, pub crawls and a lot more is happening almost every night in this nightlife district of Helsinki. Venues like Kokous and Dixi Teds Rock ‘n’ Roll Club host regular events for absolute dance and music lovers. Numerous festivals take place in this area that attracts locals and travelers alike.

Nightlife scene in Helsinki is an entirely contrasting experience during summers and winters. During the hot season, terraces spring up across the city as the term ‘nighttime’ becomes rather redundant, thanks to 20 hours of light a day! In winters, varied kinds of drinking establishments and sauna bars mushroom, but the venues close early in the cold.