Best Places to Party in Hamburg

Best Places to Party in Hamburg

Best Places to Party in Hamburg

Nightlife is the greatest cultural key to the German city of Hamburg. This phenomenal sea port town offers impeccable architecture, seafood and a robust maritime spirit. Its distinctive electronic and live music scene prospers in eclectic harbor-side venues, not to mention ones of the largest Red Light Districts housed in the party zone of the city.

So as you begin your Germany junket, don’t miss out these top 3 places to party in Hamburg:

1. St. Pauli

St Pauli is Hamburg’s answer to Amsterdam; everything is available here for a price. The Reeperbahn Street primarily is the eyes and ears of this district. Besides the countless strip joints, this area is also home to a bunch of cultural spectacles in music halls and theaters. Besides, there are many popular restaurants, bars and clubs to stay up till late. Spielbudenplatz is the core of this entertainment district, housing great theatres and the famous Oldest Wax Figures Museums of Germany. Grobe Freiheit is where the Beatles wooed Germans in the former years of their stardom.

2. Schanzenviertel

This bohemian district of Hamburg is all about great bars and upscale pubs. The streets of Lange Reihe and Grossneumarkt host maximum action. Cheap eats, hipster bars and quirky boutiques rule this neighborhood. Locals prefer to visit Schanze instead of the ‘tacky’ Reeperbahn, which is always full of travelers and students. Rota Flora, a former theater in Schulterblatt is an ideal reminder of the city’s cultural past. Zoe 3 and Schanzenstern are two very popular bars in Hamburg, resting in the Schanze.

3. Ottensen

Appropriately called the ‘Little Paris’ of Hamburg, Ottensen Quarter lies to the west of Altona station. Always replete with tourists and locals alike, it’s the second greatest shoppers’ paradise in Hamburg. The grid of narrow alleyways house many independent, little cafes and bars. Head south of the district towards the banks of River Elbe and you will find many upscale townhouses. Culturally, this neighborhood has plenty to offer. It houses 5 popular theaters, with Fabrik hosting international bands and musicians almost every weekend. The Zeise is a beautiful theater located inside a former old ship propeller factory. Ottensen is loved by locals for its annual Altonale Street Festival- an extravaganza of arts, music, theater performances and flea markets. Altona 93, an up-and-coming Football club attracts hundreds of fans during game season.

Hamburg is more or less the Thailand of Europe. Apart from the infamous reputation of being a massive Red Light District, the city also hosts some impeccable, non-sleazy Cabaret shows. So get set for a crazy, limitless nightlife adventure ever! Happy Clubbing!