Top 3 Places to Party in Guayaquil

Top 3 Places to Party in Guayaquil

Top 3 Places to Party in Guayaquil

Guayaquil is the largest city in Ecuador and also one of the city’s where old heritage and modernity come together to offer the best to its visitors! The city is home to great and beautiful attractions including the magnificent and gigantic churches and museums of modern art, along with ancient artifacts and green natural parks. Also, the city is home to lots of cafes and restaurants offering its taste to visitors!

Guayaquil is not only known for its attractions and spaces but also its nightlife. Because of the city's cultural diversity, you can find nightlife for every kind of traveler. The city is filled with pubs, dance clubs, nightclubs, and bars offering with the best entertainment. The exciting bars and clubs are just the beginning of an amazing nightlife. The city is ruled by music and therefore, you will find bars and clubs playing music including pop, rock, meringue, cambia, reggaeton and techno music. The nightlife in Guayaquil is also dedicated to theatres and live performances, so you can enjoy some of those as well. And if that is not enough for you, you can try out options which are a bit out of the box like climbing up the hilltop of Cerro Santa Ana and taking a ship from Malecon Avenue. Check out the best areas to party in Guayaquil:

1. 9 De Octubre

The neighborhood of 9 de Octubre is the busy part of the city and includes some of the great entertainment options. This district is home to Malecon Avenue, which itself is a great party venue. The Malecon avenue has gone through an ambitious renovation and this riverside street now houses a numerous amount of parks, restaurants, an opulent yacht club and a theater that very often hosts live performances to look out for. The yacht club Naval is a very popular spot among locals and tourists alike. The highlight is obviously its location from where, you will be able to catch beautiful views of the river and enjoy a great drinks and sumptuous food. The area is also home to Casa De Cultura which is located to the west of Parque Centenario, a great attraction of the city. The venue hosts film festivals also specified classes in arts as regularly. The neighborhood is also home to various theatres including a four-plex IMAX theatre, showing late run IMAX specific films. Plus, you find a very unique option to spend your night, all thanks to Henry Morgan. The ship Henry Morgan leaves from Malecon Thursday through Saturday at midnight. The ship opens at 8pm and houses a bar and a restaurant serving Ecuadorean dishes. This part of the city cannot go missed to explore the nightlife of Guayaquil.

2. Las Penas

This neighborhood is located on the Santa hill and is one of Guayaquil's most central and most renowned nightlife areas. The area Las Penas is Guayaquil's oldest neighborhood and the municipality may say that it is a tourist neighborhood, but it’s a definite party zone! A beloved nightspot in the district is Rayuela Bar, known to serve great beverages. Another great place in the district is the La Patella. La Patella is loved by locals and visitors alike for its great music choices that keep playing on the house. The place also hosts regular jazz concerts and is where you can enjoy some great drinks. Altogether La Patela is a boho standout. Besides, there are some more choices to choose from including Puerto Pirata Bar and La Patel and la Roca.

3. Cerro Santa Ana

Rising above Las Penas, the Cerro Santa Ana was a very dangerous slum until slum underwent a regeneration project and the neighborhood was transformed into an eye-catching area. When you climb up the staircase, you come across restaurants and bars along the entire length. At the top, explore the chapel of Santa Ana, along with an extremely beautiful lighthouse! The colonial style lighthouse is a symbol of hope for the city of Guayaquil. And with its discrete balconies, ornate lampposts and streets offer spectacular views are worth watching. Some choices on this hill are Bar Santa Ana, La Taberna, Bar Santa Ana Hill, bar buccaneer, Capiro Azul, and The Penthouse, further below the river, Puerto Santa Ana is the city's largest regeneration project, currently being developed as a marina complex with waterside cafes, and apartments.

Being a culturally influenced city, you will find a lot more options apart from clubs and bars in Guayaquil!

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