Top 3 Places to Party in Guatemala

Top 3 Places to Party in Guatemala

Top 3 Places to Party in Guatemala

If you discover Guatemala after dusk, you will be beyond impressed by the scene which greets you! The city's sights are spread with dozens of colors painting a picture for its nightlife. Most of the nightlife is concentrated in the Zona Viva district and offers a wide range and style of world cuisine with ritzy bar and club scenes. But you will also find a buzzing nightlife scene in Zona 4 and Zona 1 districts.

Electronic music rules the city of Guatemala and hence, you will find many of the venues hosting buzzing live electronic music! Some of the best areas to party in Guatemala city are:

1. Zona Viva

Zona 9 and 10 are known as Zona Viva which when translated means Lively Zone and one that’s buzzing with a vibrant nightlife and plenty of clubs and bars. The zone is busy throughout the week and you will have more options for nightlife that you can even stand. One of the city oldest pubs, Shakespeare's Pub is located here. Located right in the middle of Zona viva, the place is great for all those who prefer to get a drink somewhere and meet some people and talk. Another great nightlife spot is The Box Lounge Groove, which is one of the best places to enjoy Electronic music with a drink or two. Since its opening in 2004, the venue has made a name for itself as an electro venue and excellent DJ plays out hits all night. Another place is Cheers, which is the city's best sports bar with dartboards, pool tables, foosball, big screen TVs and classic rock on the stereo. The bars are also known for its classic brew and Buffalo wings. Another excellent brewpub is the Brass Beer co, one that offers a large selection of microbrews and is one of the few venues in Guatemala where you can order a ginormous beer. And if you’re more of a club person, head over to Kalhua, one of the most popular clubs with a wealthy clientele and hip atmosphere spread out on four of its floors! Another jet setter is NYX for hip locals and tourists alike. There are also some of the cinemas and theatres to catch on in this district with a never-ending list of bars and pubs.

2. Zona 1

Another very vibrant neighborhood of the city is the Zona 1. The district houses some of the best and hip nightspots of the city which makes the night scenes here quite eclectic and upbeat. In this district, discover the bohemian heart of the city by visiting La Bodeguita del Centro. At this cool bar cum cultural center, you will be able to listen to some of the best live music scenes in the city, ranging from rock to jazz to classical. Another venue in this district is El Portal, which is located in the Portal del Comercio arcade. The bar is a traditional bar that's popular since the 1940s. El Portal is one of the most unique bars in the city with old fashioned décor pleasantly reminiscing the time gone by. In the same arcade as El Portal is Las Cien Puertas is another of the oldest bars in the city. The drinks menu here is wide-ranging with a good range of snacks as well. The highlight of the venue is its graffiti which covers nearly every wall in here and be sure to leave your name too!

3. Zona 4

The must-see neighborhood in Guatemala City is Zona 4, which is known for its vibrant and colorful street art and insanely happening nightlife scenes. A very principal venue of performing arts is the theatre at the Instituto Guatemalteco Americano, which is located at the district on the outskirts of Cuatro Grados Norte. The folks here maintain a steady schedule of events that range from traditional theatre to art to art filled cycles and dance performances. Another venue is the Centro Cultural de Espana, which is located close to Cuarto Grados Norte. The venue has a small gallery space and hosts a regular schedule of artistic literary and cultural events. Another main venue is the Quatro Grada Norte itself, which is a huge pedestrian precinct, located in Zona 4 with many restaurants, bars, and many other recreational activities and festivals are also hosted here.

In Guatemala, the only thing you shouldn’t do is stay in your beds after the dusk! So get your party shoes on!

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