Best Places to Party in Graz

Best Places to Party in Graz

Best Day Trips from Graz

The second largest city of Austria, Graz is a place housing the alluring leafy green parklands awash with a sea of red rooftops. Intersected by the beautifully flowing Mur River right in the heart, Graz bases as a beautiful Austrian bluff. Leaning towards Italy architecturally, it is a base of several Renaissance courtyards and baroque palaces, giving it a slightly mystical and magical look. Along with owning the ancient wealth, the place is brimming with youthful energy evident by the pretty clutch of edgily modern buildings, a vibrant arts scene and hip nightlife.

Leaving a city like this behind is not an easy task, however to explore the beautiful lands of Austria and beyond, here is a suggestion list of the best day trips that can be planned from Graz:

Sackstrabe one of the best places to party in Graz
1. Sackstraße

The full name of the place is ‘Kunst Meile Sackstraße’, roughly translating into the ‘Streets of Arts’, a name well earned. Snuggled up between main square and the station of the Schlossberg funicular, there is a wide collection of galleries, jewellery shops, workshops, antique shops, studios and museums, offering a confluence of modern and antiquity of art along with popular art and handicrafts. Lost in the wide collection of artefacts, the day of the people is mostly sorted. However after the dawn of night, the best pubs and bars in the region include Cafe and Restaurant Waldfrieden, Havana, Diana Ruh, Beerhouse, Soviet House, Nice View, Dirk Woehler, La Enoteca and Jörg u. Katharina Schliephake. If however, you want more action in your night the best place to dance your night away include Volker Dahlem, Dance Group; Heart of Dance and Wolfenbütteler Tanzsportclub Blau-Gold.

2. Neutorgasse

An extremely desirable choice for people looking for the Austrian experience on budget, Neutorgasse is known to people as the best place for the accommodation of students. As the number of students in the region, it was obvious focal point of variety of shops, restaurants, bars and pubs. Often famous for its markets in the Christmas time, the place is nicknamed as a Children's paradise. Some of the best bars, pubs and lounges in the region include Rangoon, Dreizehn Genussbar, Steirer Pub, Torona, Tick-Tack, Tranquility Bar, Club Wakuum, Dizzy's Club Cafe, Gosser Brau Graz, Freigeist and Lui. If however, you are looking for music in your ears and drinks in your hands, the best places include Pfauengarten - Buddhabar, Generalmusikdirektion, P.P.C, Music House, Mausefalle and Kottulinsky.

Neutorgasse one of the best places to party in Graz
Jakominiplatz one of the best areas to party in Graz
3. Jakominiplatz

Often known as Jako for short, the place took its name from Kaspar Andreas Ritter of Jacomini-Holzapfel-Waasen, a benevolent spectator who worked as a postmaster in Cilli for 20 years. The main transportation centre, Jakominiplatz is one of the premier destinations visited by tourists from around the world. In order to give them a glimpse of what the night in Graz would feel like, extensive arrangements are made for the viewers. Some of the best bars and pubs in the region include Music House, Tick-Tack, Tranquility Bar, Freigeist, Steirer Pub, Torona, Frankowitsch, Pfauengarten, Kombüse, Dreizehn Genussbar and Rox Music Bars. The best places to dance in the region include Up25, Music House and Club Wakuum.

To enjoy the place to its fullest, you need to device a map of places according to you. For the proper allocation of the nightlife, match your list with ours.