Top 3 Places to Party in Granada

Top 3 Places to Party in Granada

Top 3 Places to Party in Granada

Majestic architectural pieces in almost every corner, is what the city of Granada looks like! Being majorly a student concentrated city (with more than 85000 of them!), it wouldn’t be surprising that the district serves a banging nightlife.

Granada is divided into 8 barrios, with most of them boasting a unique charm and offbeat character. Most of the nightlife of the city is concentrated in the El Centro district, but there are other districts as well, such as El Realejo and El Albaicin. With lots of bars, clubs, tapas, the city hosts a nightlife that is downright impossible to forget! So if you are planning to dance your breath out, check out the best places to party in Granada:

1. El Centro

El Centro is a network of elegant streets and charming squares extending to the South. The long, cobbled and Moorish themed Calle Elvira, is continuously swamped with buzzing tapas next to each other. One enterprise here is El Son, a joint/ cocktail bar/ late night music bar that is a favorite with a wide range age. You also have a choice to head upstairs to enjoy fantastic Latin music or maybe head down in the basement to pull moves on the dance floor. The place stays open till around 3 am and is a perfect example of how people in Granada have fun! Tucked down, you will find a Mini club and Pata Palo catering to the crowd, especially in later hours. Another great spot in this district is the Booga club. The bar is a lively and bustling place and is renowned for its excellent provision of live music. Then there's Plantabaja, which is very popular among the locals and welcomes a very diverse crowd, including some top DJs. For lazy cozy settings, head upstairs for relaxing vibes, or try the basement from some funk and hip-hop. The bar is known for its concerts, of which there are many. Showcasing the best kind of music, Plantabaja attracts diverse and cosmopolitan guests from all around. For the busiest and wildest time of the town, head to the Pedro Antonio, a long, one-way street which is loaded with bars, kebab houses, and cocktail bars. Try La Marisma, which boasts a lively and friendly crowd, mostly extracted from the local student community. If you are looking for a comfortable yet bustling place to drink and make friends, head to La Marisa. Overall, if you are wondering to hit every place in the center city, it will take you a lifetime, so just choose one and enjoy the magic!

2. El Realejo

The old Jewish quarter of Granada is basically more inclined towards an international crowd. The area has numerous Spanish owned tapas that maintain a quality. One of them is the Campo Principal, loaded with classic Spanish style bars, also English and Irish run pubs. Another place is the cozy Casa Lopez Correa, which is known for its excellent food, wine, and beer and often hosts inter cambios in the evenings. As you move down the street, you will find a place called Paddy's Pub. Everyone needs a home to confront from time to time, and Paddy goes the extra mile to make sure that its visitors are being looked after. You can watch live sports on the TV sets or just have a drink and relax, do whatever you feel like, after all, you are at home if you are at Paddies. If you have a will to climb a hill-up at night you can also choose a place called Quimbombo to enjoy techno and gratifying music all night long.

3. El Abaicin

Granada's oldest, largest and most iconic barrios are also known as Granada's bohemian and artistic center. Home to the city's most famous viewpoint, EL Mirador de San Nicholas, the district attracts people from far and wide. However not just this, this district is also known for its nightlife. One of the many places include Café Bar Higuera, is full of people on a Friday night, and why not! The intimate beer garden makes for an excellent spot to chow a Tapa and sing along to the bands of hippies strumming blowing wood fashioned instrument. Another place is the Rincon de Pepe, where they serve delicious wine and home cooked tapas at a fair price. The district is great for food, music, and drinking as well.

Whatever you do, do not sit back in your rooms in the late hours!

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