Top 3 Places to Party in Gold Coast

Top 3 Places to Party in Gold Coast

Top 3 Places to Party in Gold Coast

With 300 days of summer, surreal dusk and dawn settings, deep blue water running hand in hand with the concrete jungle, this is one place that can be described as the perfect party spot. Counted as one of the most iconic destinations, Gold Coast is one place that can be enjoyed by a wide stratum of people including nature lovers, peace lovers and obviously the party animals. This almost mystical destination can offer you a nightlife experience that cannot be compared by many, thanks to its proximity to beach side and the young spirit of the locals. To answer the questions of what’s and where’s, here is the list of the best neighbourhoods in the region to plan your sun down activities:

1. Surfers Paradise

How can a place that is called 'paradise' be any less than spectacular? Typically known among the natives as the 'party neighbourhood', thanks to its concentration of young generation, this place is one of the best known in the region. The hub of a number of popular night spots, Surfer’s paradise radically transforms once the light in the region dims. Bursting with energy, the place itself is wildly popular among tourists from round the globe. Though a blast among the young generation if you want your nights quiet and away from the crowds, Surfers Paradise is not the place to be. Some of the must visit night clubs in the region include Melbas On The Park, Elsewhere, Surfers Paradise Tavern, Cocktails Nightclub, The Avenue and the Strike Bowling Surfers Paradise.

2. Broadbeach

Another one located in close proximity to Surfers Paradise, this place acts as the confluence of the two worlds, making it an ideal spot to live and not regret spending your night in. Brimming with hotels and residences, Broad Beach is also a focal point for many shops, pubs and bars, thanks to its central location. This is however not as well known as the former, making Broadbeach the ideal place to be if you want to get rid of the crowds but still enjoy the excitement of the night life. To choose among the bars, some of the best options include East, The Envy Hotel, Bavarian Bier Café Broadbeach and BiN 232. Some of the best options in nightclub and pubs include Platinum, Broadbeach Tavern and Love Nightlife.

3. Burleigh

If we had to pick a favourite out of all the options, Burleigh would definitely earn the title. Not only does this neighbourhood in Gold Coast cater to a wide variety of food catering to vegetarians, vegans and of course the non-vegetarians, this place also provides you with one of the best coffee in the vicinity. Aside from that, it serves as the best location to view sunset at the Burleigh Heads. If the place can manage to attract people with food and scenery, just take a guess how happening the nightlife must be! Some of the best pubs and bars in the region include Burleigh Town Tavern, Black Hops Brewery, Harvest Moon Burleigh Heads, Lockwood Bar, Varsity Lake Tavern and the Miami Tavern. The place also known for its eateries, the best options include Ze Pickle, California Tacos, Montezuma's Mexican Restaurant and Nightjar.

One of the most elemental deciding factors of the mood of the next day is how you spend your night. So to help you make an informed decision, take your pick from the list above!

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