Top 3 Places to Party in Goa

Top 3 Places to Party in Goa

Top 3 Places to Party in Goa

Goa is one of the few states of the world that can claim to be the ultimate dance floor for the entire nation. Be it youngsters, couples or senior citizens, when in Goa, everyone aims to dance like no one’s watching and drink like fish! As the sun sets and moonlight dawns, the beach area gets lit up with fairy lights and party fervour can certainly be felt in the air. Thanks to the not so strict laws here, one can enjoy a late night drink anywhere.

Although Goa is the smallest state in India, but still it has the best quality pubs and bars, so many in number that at one stage you might be perplexed which one to visit and what to leave. The following are the most happening party areas in Goa:

1. Anjuna

Hosting beautiful party shacks and discotheques that bring the jive in you, Anjuna is the place to be if hippies and expats are what you seek. People who have gotten sick of their rigorous and grilling jobs come here to loosen up and get in groove. Curlies is a restaurant and pub stationed right on the beach and is known to be one of the best places in terms of ambience, drinks and mouth-watering delicacies. Shiva Valley is another insane nightspot n Goa to catch the most beautiful sunset views and weekend parties. Shore Bar and Janet & Jones are some most popular shacks here. For pizza buffs, there’s Basilico!

2. Baga

Baga has an upbeat nightlife worth praising with nightclubs and rave parties running all night long. Many people dance through night with booze swaying all around the place. Feni, the local but globally popular alcoholic drink can be tried anywhere in Goa. Brittos and St. Anthony’s are two most popular shacks that offer insane karaoke nights and delicious food. Besides all this, Goa cruises that sail from this very beach offer a different party experience than the conventional bars and pubs. So if you are not sea sick, Bon Voyage!

3. Candolim

The white sandy Candolim beach is the host of the popular Sunburn Festival during the last three days of December, so one should try to plan a trip during this time of the year itself. Inferno is an all favourite, serving the best chicken steak and Long Island Iced Tea (LIIT) in the state! If you are struggling with a suitable place to eat with family, then head over to Teama, known for its super staff and impeccable service.

One has to agree with the fact that nightlife in Goa possesses a certain special charm to it, with an experience just beyond words! In fact, it is undoubtedly the only place you wouldn’t mind going over n over!

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