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Geneva nightlife. Best places to party in Geneva

Nightlife in Geneva

With the serene view of Lake Geneva and historical architecture, The city of Geneva, an important contributor to the Inventory of Swiss Heritage Sites welcomes you! An ideal location in the heart of Europe, Geneva offers unforgettable experiences in a one of a kind natural setting! From the shores of the biggest lake in Western Europe to its breathtaking views, Geneva never ceases to amaze time and again. This picturesque city makes you enjoy to the fullest. You will find yourself being spellbound by its diverse and enchanting landscape. The city of Geneva has the most repudiated and posh nightlife. If you are one of those who prefer a breathtaking view with a drink or two, then you are at the right destination. With plenteous high-end hotels, local bars, the nightlife here is for each and every one if you want to stroll with a drink or spend your night in a top notch hotel bar with luxurious amenities. One of the most things that every night lover enjoys is that the bars and clubs remain open till wee hours, so just slip in the amazing experience of a sassy nightlife! From those typical bars to night beneath the stars Geneva nightlife is one of its kind. So here are some of the best places to party and enjoy the nightlife in Geneva:

Place de llle one of the best places to party in Geneva
1. Place de l’lle

Isle in the middle of Rhone river, this is a very unique area to have a ball with your friends, great strokes and cool breeze coming from water by the side of the river. There are several bars and clubs located in the area, but two of them just tend to steal the show. The first one is Brasserie des Hales De l’lle, which is located in the middle of the island of the Rhone river and a great place to dance, eat and get in the vibe of Geneva nightlife. Just remember to watch out for Thursdays and Fridays, when the club are in full swing with locals and tourists; getting a seat can be a tough grind. And the second one is the La Barje Des Volontaires- those of you who prefer the sounds of crushing waves and whirling wind rather than the boom box music, will find dozens of colorful light bulbs and a spot to sit by the river to have a drink or two with your love ones.

2. Carouge

So, this area is the place where you could find that typical nightlife which you always wanted to experience. The place is not for the light-hearted people. With revelers and hard-core partiers flooding every nook and corner, it is a quite hustled with plenty of street bars and clubs boasting some ear-splittingly thundering music. There are 2 prominent streets – Place du Marche which hosts a number of renowned bars like the Choir Noir which by its name is a place with rhythmic vibes to high pitched music and to put your dancing shoes on and Bar le Forge is also a great option. The other street being the Rue Vartier, where you could find local bars and clubs with local cuisines and drinks and are also easy on pocket.

Carouge, a pocket friendly night life place in Geneva
Old Geneva town one of the best places to party in Geneva
3. Old Geneva

So now for all those who are kind of introverts and turn into thinkers as soon as the sun sets, Geneva has something on its plate for you guys too! The old town Geneva is a place where you can stroll within the disguised alleys and dine at a couple of bars and restaurants to admire the simplicity of the city at night. Not a constant and typical nightlife it serves, but the views of the lake and moments will leave you awestruck! The area is so mesmerizing that you would want to have a glass of Swiss wine and just sit to gaze at sky with your loved ones. So just discover this out of the box bit a very admirable night to hold the time still!

Nightlife in Geneva is highly versatile for all sorts of partiers. Spend a night here and you will realize the real meaning of ‘being in the moment’. Just don’t think too much, have a glass of wine and see what Geneva has to offer you beneath the stars and near the waters!