Top 3 Places to Party in Frankfurt

Top 3 Places to Party in Frankfurt

Top 3 Places to Party in Frankfurt

Being the financial capital of Germany, Frankfurt am Main has surely invested well in the interests of reveling locals and travel debauches. When you talk about nightlife in Frankfurt, from walks by the riverside to bars and clubs, the city treats you as awesome at night as it does in the daylight. This historical city being the birthplace of techno music and precisely the city where the musical genre was born, has circumscribed the whole planet under its musical wings, which is why the city hosts events of international importance with the best DJs from across the world! Party in Frankfurt is lively, varied and reflects its young blood and elite business class.

Thanks to the majority of the student population, night in Frankfurt is anything but dull. While the center of this city has a lot of trendy bars catering to the high heeled and well groomed crowd of the city, there are a lot of cheap bars and pubs which cater the majority of 40000 students in Frankfurt. While spending a night here, you will realize that every neighborhood in Frankfurt has an outstanding party style of its own. You could be a 19 old teenager or a 29-year old white collar guy, Frankfurt has the rule to treat everyone like they have been never treated before! Don't forget to taste the Apple Wine, Frankfurt’s most popular beverage for over 250 years, now a legacy!! Maybe this might not sum up the entire nightlife of Frankfurt, so here is a list of best areas to party in Frankfort. Best areas to party in Frankfurt, Germany are:

1. Sachsenhausen

Located to the south of the River Main is the district Sachsenhausen, which happens to be the liveliest place in Frankfurt after dark. There are various places around Affentorplatz where you can try the ‘Ebbelwoi'(apple wine). The list of bars and clubs goes on and on in this district. Starting with the Stereo Bar, a 10-year old cider cellar transformed into a hip nightlife oasis, offers everything from Balkan to techno music. Then is the Clubkeller, where you can dance your feet off in concerts featuring German Indie bands that make a great choice to put on your dancing shoes. And there are numerous other choices to pick from, including the Sky Club, Club Travolta, Spritzehaus, Orange peel. It might be possible that you don't remember these names once you read them, but you surely will remember them if you spend a night there!

2. River main

River Main is probably the most beautiful part of Frankfurt. And the best part is its nightlife that’s as beautiful as the river itself. Situated right on the river banks, Robert Johnson is not just the best techno clubs in Frankfurt but also one of the best in the World! The club is loved by all its fans and World's best DJs; the music is the highlight of all orders! One could find a lot of bars and pubs by the river bank and grab a beer to chill with cool breezes blowing. And if you wish to escape the loud and typical nightlife, River Main is surely where you should find a spot to sit with your loved ones or even wander alone by the waterfront.

3. Bockenheim

The area of Bockenheim surrounding the University is where you will find the presence of young blood. Streets are full of bars and cafes, crowded with students most nights of the week. Now, if you are one of those who choose cobbled stones and pretty traditional cars and pubs rather than high-class expensive joints, Bockenheim is for you. Almost every bar here has a free entry, which makes it even better. In this district in Frankfurt, it doesn't matter if you are not in your very best attire, because here it's all about the fun. Pik Dame, Paradise club, Das Bett. Gute State, Moma are some of the names, but you could find so many more once you start strolling. All in all, this area is the best area to party in Frankfurt if you are a lookout on a pocket-friendly night.

Every spot here in Frankfurt is a party spot after sun down; just choose what you treats you the best and what you enjoy the most, and you will never forget the nights spent in Frankfurt!

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