Top 3 Places to Party in Fortaleza

Top 3 Places to Party in Fortaleza

Top 3 Places to Party in Fortaleza

Found in the northeast of Brazil, Fortaleza is the capital of the Ceara state and is well known for its nightlife. With something happening almost every night, the city is a loved one by night crawlers. The most happening area of the city is Praia de Iracema boasting strips of bars, clubs and other nightlife options. There are other neighborhoods too such as the Praia do Futuro and Meireles which house a decent amount of bars and also over the top restaurants. The options in the city range from bohemian bars, modern nightclubs and everyday routines, dance performances and theatre plays. In this city, you should try a bit of everything because the night is too long so make time to enjoy everything!

So if you are all set to shake some booty, check out the best places to party in Fortaleza:

1. Praia de Iracema

Praia de Iracema is regarded as the most happening area of Fortaleza. The area is situated between Centro and Meireles, and the beachfront hosts an abundance of cafes, bars, and restaurants. After sundown, the area turns into a party haven! Fortaleza is known for its standup comedy; so get set to laugh your heart out at Lupus Bier. Also, this one is Fortaleza's biggest and most renowned microbrewery. So the venue is great to drink and enjoy excellent folk and comedy shows. Another very popular venue in the district is the Pirata Bar and is a hit on Monday. The private house bands play Forro, sertanejo, and ax until dawn, with people dancing and a special soup served up at the end. Another great venue in the district is Armazem, which is a great place to be on Wednesday and Saturday nights when they play Brazilian Forro on the main stage. Another venue of the district is the Orbita, where cover bands play songs by international rock and pop, followed later by Electronic DJs. Apart from bars and clubs, the district is home to Dragao do Mar Central of Art and Culture. The Place is stretched across 30 thousand square meters of an area filled with different activities. Here you can watch shows or performances at one of the theatres and auditoriums.

2. Praia do Futuro

Praia do Futuro is lined with more than 150 beach shacks, most of them hosting hip parties on weekends, making the district an ultimate party area of Fortaleza. Located on this beach, Crocobeach is more than just a bar. Here, guests enjoy live comedy shows and musical acts as well. The bar is situated in a large complex under awnings made of dried palm leaves, boasting beautiful seating for its visitors. Grounds covered with lush greens, this spot is the ideal location to enjoy Fortaleza's natural beauty and classic Brazilian cocktails all night long. Another great venue is Arpaio Praia Bar has been serving locals since 1989. The bar is well known for both drinks and crab dishes. The Kiwi caipiroska here is highly recommended. Another establishes is the Cuca Legal, which is a large family complex on Praia Futuro II. The establishment is great for all those traveling with their children. Parents can be assured that the whole family is having a great time while their children are playing in safe zones protected by beach guards. For adults, Cuca Legal boasts a large beer and cocktails menu, so enjoy a drink while gazing out at the beautiful water scenes.

3. Meireles

The Meireles is the most renowned neighborhood in the city mainly because the city's beach, Meireles is situated here. This promenade of the city is as beautiful in the night as is in the day time. Around the beach, you get many options to enjoy your time in this area, one of them being Boteco Praia. Boteco Praia is a quaint little blue beach, perfect for a night away. Inside the house, visitors can enjoy many Brazilian delicacies with the Brazilian bomber. Or you can choose to sit outside on the patio gawking at sweeping views of the sea. Another bar is the Barraca G2, a casual beach bar that is known for its inexpensive beers and coconut waters. The bar's ambiance is extremely laid back and is a great one to enjoy Fortaleza's gorgeous sunsets. The district is all about relaxing with your loved ones.

If you are in Fortaleza, don’t forget to try a little bit of everything rather than just going with a single option!

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