Best Places to Party in Florence

Best Places to Party in Florence

Best Places to Party in Florence

Florence, once a low-key Italian city (since most travelers succumbed to the picturesque Venice, looking no further), has now gained international paparazzi with its well-heeled students that fuel the nightlife in Florence. Being a cultural nerve center of Italy obviously draws a lot of respect to the city, but its vibrant nightlife is no less a fancy.

Like every Italian city, nightclubs in Flroence flow in and out of the main squares or Piazzas. So whether you seek a stellar aperitivo, some cheap booze, a hearty meal or a lot of booty shaking, try these top 3 places to party in Florence:

Santa Croce one of the best places to party in Florence
1. Santa Croce

Circumscribed by Renaissance Florentine architecture, this massive stone square is literally taken over by packs of international students and young denizens every night. Kick a football around, gaze at the sights or simply relax under an umbrella at one of the cafes in the daytime, while at night, slip in your party shoes to try some of the best bars to crawl to. The Red Garter is a popular Americano Sports Bar in this neighborhood in Florence, offering enough rooms, nooks and crazy corners to cater to any mood. The Blob Club is another terribly happening 2-storey lounge that has a club, almost always packed to capacity. For laid back locals and artsy tourists, there is Lochness Lounge.

2. Piazzale Michelangelo

Seeking excellent views and a cozy couples’ night out? Try Piazzale Michelangelo, away from all the cheap booze bustle and hook up hunting. This neighborhood is perched atop a hill towards the south side of Arno and offers the moist amazing vistas of the city form up there. Many fun outdoor events are hosted in this area, from concerts to shows to Football matches displayed on a gigantic screen right at the center of the square. To indulge in debauchery, try the Flo Loinge Bar, a personal favorite of many travel bugs and locals. Grab an aperitivo here before you set your feet on the dance floor.

Piazzale Michelangelo one of the best place to experience nightlife in Florence
Oltrarno one of the best places to party in Florence
3. Oltrarno

This bohemian neighborhood is a short walk from Ponte Vecchio, offering many alternative life snapshots from the Florentine youth culture. Offering one of the most vibrant night scene in Florence, Oltrarno is replete with upscale bars, clubs, live music spots, chic lounges and peppy dance clubs. Its two main squares Piazza Santo Spirito and Piazza del Carmine host an extremely eclectic nighttime scene. Try Dolce Vita, a famous art gallery cum Wine bar in this area. James Joyce, La Cite and PopCafe are other eminent spots to party from sundown to sunup.

Nightclubs in Florence are pretty cool, but equally expensive. It is always wiser to buy some cheap booze to pregame. In fact, for absolute cheap thrills, try opening a can at the steps of the Duomo or Ponte Vecchio.