Top 3 Places to Party in Durban

Top 3 Places to Party in Durban

Top 3 Places to Party in Durban

Durban does not owe its warmth merely to the tropically balmy weather; the city has this really ardent and affable vibe to it. People in Durban are generally laid-back, but after dark, the dock area pulls in all the bacchanals seeking some booze and booty shake. Zulu and authentic Music, Durban is a true hot-bed for budding artists and live bands.

Exploding nightclubs and upscale cocktail lounges await you to be a part of the nightlife in Durban. If you haven’t yet taken a night stroll around the city, try the top 3 places to party in Durban:

1. Florida Road

Popular for all things happening in Durban, Florida road justifies it tribute to the party capital of the States. Shopping, sightseeing, nightlife- everything is grandiose here. If you are on a short trip, simply visit this neighborhood and you will get an overview of the whole city. Other than partying, the culinary art here has too many variations to tempt you, from African to Indian, to Italian mastery and Asian fusion food. Bangkok Wok, Sunrise House of Curries, Mo’s Noodles, Spice are a few names topping the charts. For revelers, there is FTv, Ice Bar and RJ’s amongst locals’ favorites.

2. Umhlanga

Head to the north of Durban and you land up amidst fine diners and upscale nightspots in Durban. Umhlanga doesn’t wait for the weekends to go wild. Pool parties, DJ hosts, trance festivals, bar crawls and happy hours of booze, what more could a partier want! For highbrowed night owls, there is The Dutch, a classy cocktail lounge drawing a lot of local and international clientele. The Oyster Box is a sure-fire winner for its great food and excellent views of the ocean. Thrift Gurls House Party, La Concierge and Hooters are other hip places to be until sunup.

3. Umbilo Road

For hardcore partiers, Umbilo is the place to be. Rave, hip hop, techno to house, most first-rate nightclub in Umbilo offer a pandora’s box of all these music varieties. ‘Origin’, the heart and soul of this district in Durban has the best assortment of music ever! The most favored local spot to catch the latest beats, Umbilo draws countless DJs showcasing their moves with Reggae, Smooth Jazz, Funk and the types. Then there are a bunch of Sports Clubs acting as a magnet for all the loud fans and cricket buffs.

Though the nightspots in Durban haven’t yet achieved their share of fame, doesn’t mean the city would bore you after dark. Explore these districts at night after a long day at the beach with the sun setting over the Indian Ocean!

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