Top 3 Places to Party in Dubai

Top 3 Places to Party in Dubai

Top 3 Places to Party in Dubai

It is impossible to not fall in love with the unwavering spirit of this Arab jewel. The lavish lifestyle of the Sheikhs itself is one hell of a party, but that isn’t really where you can land up to go crazy after dark (they kinds keep to themselves!). Nightlife in Dubai is mostly limited to the hotels, nhowever the nightclub and pbar scene gained momentum of late. Saying that, if you wish to shake a leg and get an international experience, then you have to spend a fortune in a wealthy city like Dubai. Luckily, there are no strict rules regarding alcohol here, unlike in Sharjah (where one can drink at his/her home only). You just need to be above 21 years of age to get across the doors.

The drinks tend to get a bit pricy as the night begins to dawn up. The clubbing scene is replete with the city’s best dressed people hitting the floor, drinking the insanely expensive champagnes. Of the few happening places in town the following top 3 places to party in Dubai host the best bars and pubs:

1. Downtown Dubai

Downtown Dubai is one of the most preferred areas to stay as well as party for any kind of tourist. Many hotels have sewed up a place around Burj Khalifa, where they offer top class booze and an evening worth remembering. One of the elites is Above, a convertible rooftop bar and club with a sophisticated vibe to it. The bar is located at the roof of Sofitel Hotel, with a palm tree setting that gives it an authentic Emiratian vibe. Then there is White Dubai, the city’s biggest and most exclusive nightclub, stationed on the rooftop of Meydan Racecourse Grand Stand. Offering excellent vistas of Dubai skyline, you can enjoy live music, EDM and urban beats any day of the week!

2. Crescent Road

Connecting the kingdom of Sheba to Nasimi Beach is the Crescent Road, known for its youth inciting pubs and bars. The biggest name in town is Atlantis, the Palm shaped resort filled with incredible spots. N’Dulge being one of the premier nightclubs, offers the best venue for open air dining, also known as Al fresco dining. The place turns to life of a party as the night grows older and gets to its peak at mind ight.

3. Sheikh Zayed Road

The longest road in Emirates, Sheikh Zayed road enjoys the reputation of being the party hub of the entire town. Cirque Le Soir is a well-known crashing venue for party animals who are waiting to get loose in this themed club, with each night of the week getting wilder than the previous one. Everything from hip hop to EDM is available with Monday night being the most crowded one. For all the family guys out there, no need to get gloomy as the Act pops up to your rescue. It is a nightclub that offers a show of acrobats and wonderful acts to its audience as they munch on amazing food. The place tends to get crowded, so make sure to have a reservation in advance.

All in all, Dubai has a decent nightlife having a taste that can be savoured by clubbing fanatics who are willing to loosen up and dance to the tunes of international DJs.

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